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Thursday, September 14, 2006

sunrise to sunset

I've spent all day in bed. I heard the dawn chorus and was moved by their jubilance - not literally tho, not other than rolling over. And then as it got dark, hours later at the end of the day, I heard those same birds squawking again.
Those sounds at dusk always make me think of the big palm tree that used to be outside DJs video store (before it moved, before it then became a Blockbuster, before they then bulldozed the old old building for the carpark for the huge Pak N Save. Anyway.) Once upon a time the town i grew up in had quaint wee independently owned video stores and one in particular had these enormous thick palm trees growing out front, like well over 6m high. The trees were a popular roosting spot for flocks of sparrows and other urban birds. At dusk, the palms would be a frenzy of noisy activity and you'd see them darting in and out of the fronds, flapping their wings, flying in short bursts amongst the leaves. Mum always drew our attention to it as we drove past and described the palm as being like a bird hotel. She'd make it seem as if they were squabbling over who'd get the best room, who had the nicest view, which brother and sister were being forced to bunk up.
I meant to make the most of the last of the light today. Go out and get some air. Instead I just swung my window open, enjoyed the view I have over the whole bowl of Wellington - Mt Cook to Mt Vic and down to the sparkly harbour water - and listened to the birds.


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