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Monday, September 18, 2006

On the road

[originally written Sat 16th Sept]

I've skipped town. Tho I'm thinking skipping would have been a preferable mode of transport to the dreaded intercity bus but whatcha gonna do? Right now my biggest issue is that the woman in front of me has just cracked open a bag of cheesels and I'm thinking OMG yes. However I do believe Palmerston North, our illustrious lunch destination, is still several tedious hours away.
Here are some links to keep you entertained, as I wish I could be right now:
PS there is a theme - you'd have to be a tard to miss it. It wasn't actually intentional I guess I'm just obsessed and everything exciting in the world happens there.

Overheard In New York
One of my favourite visit-often websites. They have done some tweaking in the last year, adding little features, but the basic premise remains the same: eavesdroppers in the Big Apple submit little gems for global enjoyment. The 'classics'or 'favourites'is a good place to start and here is one that made me hysterical last week:

Jason Mulgrew - Internet Quasi-Celebrity
I talk about this guy so frequently that I've had people get confused and think he's an actual friend of mine. But nooo I just love his blog. He's a brilliant writer, which doesn't mean to say its high-brow at all -hah!- in fact if you don't want to hear all the grotty details, steer clear. But he's signed with a major US network to write a TV comedy - and this is just based on being a blogger. What a coup. I'm linking specifically to a more serious post; five years on, my mate Jase tells his story of 9/11 (he still manages to get hot French chicks in there. Classic.)

The Sartorialist
A brand new discovery. Can't think how I came across it but its cool seeing what real people are wearing out there on the streets. Altho it is Fashion Week at the moment and half these people he photographs are like fasion editors or socialites so I don't know if either of those qualifiers count look and see style in action!!

reduced to banality
I have been ditched by several people this winter in various ways - Lou chose the 'bugger off overseas" option. I bullied her into starting up a blog before she left and have been rewarded by entertaining, insightful and occasionally banal perspectives on her travels so far. She's just gotten to New York and I am so seething with jealousy my ability to post comment has seized up entirely.

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