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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

moderate-to-high-level cellphone related disaster

so i came home from work like a month ago and simon was like I saved you some jellybeans and I was like YUM! and then sat on his bed and watched him play madden for a while. then about a week later i was in his room again and noticed some mail on the floor with my name on but it was just junk from telcom so i was like MEH! but then i realised they were advertising a ...sweet deal... and so i put the pieces together and gave him the punnies for pillaging the delicious direct marketing tactics that were destined to be mine. a week or so later marama was emailling me and said oh man i need a new phone mine is sooo pants and then about an hour later some lady from telecom rung and told me if i went on a plan which would work out cheaper than my current one i'd get a free phone. and then could sell my old one or give it to a needy friend or whatevs. apparently i'd already been sent something in the mail about this ...sweet deal... but when i started ranting about how that had turned out she just launched into explaining terms and conditions. baiche. toodling the street a few days later i popped in a telecom store and got chatting with some guy there a sales rep fortunately. wound up going for a nice nokia instead of the freebie phone and was bitterly disappointed to learn that the ...sweet deal... plan didn't mean that jellybeans would be arriving in my letterbox on a regular basis although i would have to guard it like a hawk to ensure any reaching me safely. YES SIMON I'M LOOKING AT YOU!! got everything sussed out and signed off and hooked up except that i would have to come back in to get the contacts directory switched over from my old phone onto my nice new whizzy-bang phone.

except. um. slight problem. i appear to have mislaid aforementioned old phone.

and i have not yet transferred any of my numbers over. so yah.


i'm SURE it'll turn up. like my gloves, those ones i bought at galleries lafayette and was so gutted to lose and got my turquoise jazzercise hobo gloves to replace. they showed up again eventually! were under my armchair tucked under the bag of too-big clothes for the sallies actually. hmm. maybe i should look there.

in the meantime apologies if i act like a complete liability when you try and get in touch with me. for a change.

PS this is the first time i've posted on anything other than my (my!) iBook using Safari and shitballs A DEUX i can't BELIEVE all the options and doodackies going on... i have been using tags to do everything... this is phenomenal... its from the future.


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