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Thursday, September 28, 2006

snippety snip snip

First up, breaking news: I just heard fire crackers go off. Is this the revolution? Or possibly just parents desparate for anything to keep the kids happy by day four of the school hols? Hmm. I would go investigate but am already cosy in bed and any new order that i wish to be part of will surely respect that.

Second up, actual breaking news: i got my haircut. yeah I KNOW!! exciting! and yet so far I have not been swamped with complimentary acknowledgements (gasp!) so thought I would use my dellciously self-indulgent blog to post photo of self and boost esteem that way:

frames within framesHad a bit of trouble lining up the shot as you can see. Just using my cellphone which is not the fanciest piece of digital photography equipment I will admit. It does make a HILARIOUS kerrr-churrkk sound effect noise though - just AS IF it were a ye olde manual camera!! However it means this pic includes some of my favourite art works (gifts from Tanya and from Joe) and also a photo of me and my high school boyfriend aged oooh 16 or something, in a fabulous chunky glittery frame I bought from Briscoes back in the day. It reemerged when I was moving and simply had to be put on display.

INTENTIONAL weird arty angleThis one gives you a better idea of the cut! As you can see, I took it using the mirror. So I guess if you want to get all technical, my hair is sloping in the wrong direction for youse. But for me, this is what I gaze at each day. Aaah.
The details are that the fringe is v short now. Like, where it looks swept across, it is actually only a couple of centimetres long. There is nothing to sweep. It is just sw. But the sides there are very long and ringletty and -even if I do say so myself- and i do say so myself- BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE HAS NOTICED- it looks quite cute. The back is not long tho, she followed my instructions and cut that right up so the nape of my neck shows:

well another view of the shelves thenOk well that was my attempt at photographing the back of my head anyway.
Dang it!!

Did i mention I got like no rest last night? Mum bussed down 'cause she was flying to Australia so it was kind of a late night. Then she was up at 4am because you have to check in so far in advance now. Then she texted at 6.30am to let me know she was boarding ok. Then I had to, you know, get up and act like a normal person who'd had a decent night's sleep.
But man it was so lovely to see her. Met her at the station and took her out for Malaysian and admired the quilt she'd made as a wedding present and sussed the shuttle to the airport for her.
She said she was feeling a bit nervous about doing this trip over there by herself, even though it isn't really a big deal. She thought of me travelling over to France by myself at 17 and told herself she had nothing to fret about. I had a minor explosion at this point and reminded her that the first time she put me on an international flight by myself I was aged 10, so yeah -damn straight she has nothing to worry about!
She turns 50 next year and I'll turn 25. She said last night we're like country mouse and city mouse now. She's lived in the same house for, well - it'll be 25 years by the end of next year. I never moved house once growing up. It was such a shock to the system going to uni and starting flatting. That kind of transcience is something I only associate with the last few years of my life, after growing up with such a solid base and sense of a home location. I can understand Mum's hesistance and her vulnerability. I find it kind of sweet but a bit sad too. There's so much of the world out there! Cliche, yeah, but I know she would enjoy and thrive on it. And give so much back.
Hah I do sound like city mouse don't I? Try to push her out of her comfort zone, into something she has chosen to not partake in. Yet.

Anyway. Let's get back on track. By which of course I mean talking about ME and my awesome HAIR.
Just then when i was try to find where in the hell my photos had gone to I found some pics of me here in some folder of Lou's on this laptop!! what serendipity.

oh right-camera in my fahsaySee! Proof! My hair used to look different. Also, my nose kinda looks like I've just had work done in that photo.
Not quite in an Ashlee Simpson kind of way but still. Weird.
Maybe I need work done to make my nose look like it hasn't had any.

Wow. I think I just hit a self-absorbed saturation point. And for me, that takes some doing. Sorry guys. Over and out.

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Blogger Lou said...

I had been wondering what the tickly bits of hair that kept brushing against me were, but I see now that it is just your side bits reaching all the way over to London.

Your back-of-hair ringlet are so cute that I reckon you must have implanted some of Cam's hair genes into your scalp.

I realise we have the confusing situation whereby I am the other Lou but luckily since you are using the same blog as I it should pop up with my stunning photo and perhaps even call me reducedtobanality, which in retrospect is a silly thing to have put as my username. Now if only I could figure out how to link to you from me...


Thu Sep 28, 11:49:00 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

PS I just read your whole blog and randomly posted comments occasionally, so you'll have to like try and go through it and figure out where and when...

Fri Sep 29, 12:26:00 AM  
Blogger Bel said...

hullo darling girl! yes- see- you are clearly identified :) I believe i may have even taken that amazing photo of you? and of course my pic is neatly cropped, just millimetres away from revealing your beautiful fahsay...which was occupied with licking my ear at the time a certain SOMEONE snapped this shot yes? heehee

i'm having a super lazy Sat AM--actually technically its the afternoon now! Went to this new bar last night, could still smell the paint. Its in that new building opposite NZFC, on the waterfront, called St John's. V cool, you'd love it. Art deco glam, high ceiling, gorgeous light fittings. And the place is a total drycleaners ;) !!

Sat Sep 30, 01:00:00 PM  
Anonymous tanyapants said...

bel, i only JUST found your blog! what kind of nerdy blog friend am i?!

it makes me soooo happy that you're blogging about hair. there aren't enough posts about hair.

by the by, it looks FANTASTIC! cute cute cute.

also i am home again (jiggety jog)

it's good to be still. :)

Tue Oct 03, 01:47:00 PM  
Blogger Bel said...

Good to have you back, petal - even if its Auckland & I'm not if that counts!

Thank you BTW & I'll endeavour to keep readers up to date with any exciting developments :P Have been told recently that my short hair looks very money so am feeling good about the whole situation!!

Also considering a bruise blog to catalog the ever present array of purple blemishes that appear are a result of lead-footed butterflies landing on my peach-like skin and so forth. Watch this space!!

Wed Oct 04, 11:30:00 PM  

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