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Sunday, September 24, 2006

procastinator extraordinaire

A deadline looming for my other other job and I have wasted many precious hours this weekend on YouTube and elsewhere.
I'm trying to think what the ye olde equivilant would have been? ...shadow theatre in front of the roaring fire? sock puppets to pass on treasured folk tales? the community out on the village green to see passing, um, whatchamacallits -MINSTRELS! yeah. Wandering minstrels. With lutes. Or lyres? No... those are the greek things. Must be lute. And one of those floppy hat with a feath--

Focus, Bel, focus! You're here to discuss rambling, not to actual ramble!!

I'm not leet enough to post videos straight into here, so here follows a few links. First up is a beautiful music video for M Ward's new song 'Chinese Translation'. This came to me via a source I have flagged as "inappropriate" as they say. Yet I am proving to be a complete liability when it comes to dealing with that situation. Sometimes you burn a bridge and then you find yourself dipping your toes in the water, just to see how fast the river's flowing I guess.

everyday by Noah Kalina is what I'd call a short film, but obviously an experimental one. It's time-lapse, based on photographs he took of himself daily for six years. Tightly cropped head shots, pretty much free of context, just those eyes staring, while the background flows and ebbs. I think it's just amazing.

I think the first thing I ever watched on YouTube was this crazy spoof movie trailer:10 Things I Hate About Commandments. Joe emailed it through, knowing full well that every film geek bone in my body would love it.

For something also very humourous (but dealing with a serious subject, really) check out this animation: The End of the World. I IM-ed my brother to force him to partake of the hysteria immediately and apparently I'd already made him do this at some earlier stage. How goldfish of me. The whole style/tone of it kinda reminds me of that bit in Bowling for Columbine. But with bonus taking the piss out of Aussies.

That site (AlbinoBlackSheep) also has the Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard (somewhere under 'classics' i believe). I remember finding this absolutely HILARIOUS when Hayley first showed it to me, back in the initial flush of ND fandom, when saying "gosh" was a novelty rather than a reflex action now disassociated with the film!

Ok. Now to go do some work. Otherwise I'll be up all night and exhausted when I go to my real job tomorrow.
Problem is I'm a bit of a night owl and can feel myself getting energised as dusk settles in, all purple and black. But then ever since the chaos that was August my sleeping patterns have been messed up and my body clock has an alarm that goes off faaar too early. Deary me. I wish we did the whole seista thing in this country... that would sort it out.

Either that or implementing effective time management practices to my overcommitted lifestyle.


Please contact: campaignforseista @ tuesdayschild co nz

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