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Friday, October 06, 2006


...can eat my ass out like hungry bears" is a true true Hollywood story about the perils of the system. It's a long read, but worth it - and very entertaining. Of particular interest to those of you with scripts up your sleeves. Obviously things are run differently here, where we're pretty much dependent on government funding, not huge commercial payouts, but check it out anyhoo if you're so inclined.

Am also just going to scamper off and pop in those links for the post from the other day and comment on comments! Am concerned some slanderisation is going on!!

Have had two truly divine moments this week. Not like 'ooh I think I can sense God here somewhere' but actual big mud patties of spiritual tangibility shaped up and thrown at me. Messy but good for me. Actually that is quite a parallel metaphor but that tactileness of it express something.



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