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Sunday, October 15, 2006

i just got undressed [director's cut]

[Yeah... I woke up on Sunday morning with a new kind of hangover. Not only did I feel a bit seedy and most distinctly dehydrated, I also had the nagging feeling that I had, that I'd - what was it? Been caught clambering on top of a bench in my high heels pouring shots from the last of a bottle of Malibu we'd swiped from an upper liquor cabinet..? No. Well, yes - but something else, too. Oh right, that's it: I'd blogged while under the influence. I swiftly pulled the post, reeking of stale alcohol as it was, but now that I've had time to add this note, am putting it back up again, as a public health and safety warning, if nothing else.]

and a pick fell out of ym bra. Like a guitar pick. am habing trouble recalling this but must be fromthe Over The Atlanic gig!! woot:D man am so glad i have a boogie and catch up with Nik & meet bevan properly before they 'fly to the states' heh heh
This weekend has been workwork...fuckaround,,,workPARTYworkworkworkPARTY i am so strung out, it is like a wire, the tension in me-good and bad, its keepiong me going but also i Ma so scared of pushing it too far and paying the consequences.
I have muchos dos photos from last night and ALSO tongith - shall activate my cellular device and upload them here via gmail hmm yeah - You know every couple of months i go and hang out with the old Wangas boys and its pretty much a waste of both our timeses. I adore Brendan (Brendon...dammit...Mel & I discussed our uncertainty re his name's correct spelling - shitballs. One of those things where its been sooo longyou know?cuase its been, like, nine years. i suggested we split it down the middle and go Brenden hmm yeah? matches that way too.
Yeah anwyay, he;s a lovely guy and always makes an effort and Brett is damn funny (not to mention Spring Onion alumini) freakin smart arse shit. But honestly the rest of them, i have no idea where they're at or what they're up to orwhich nickname goes with who or why on earth --ooh i just deleted a super bitchy clothes/appearance realated comment there.

I am soused and i CANNOT freaken make the picteres get IN HERE and this should be going in my writy writing journal but i was typing some stuff and that got too much so i thought i'd chekc blogging thing anf then HULLO here i am and i cant get the photos in i think i need to use that Transer program hmm yeah.

it vexes me so! am transferring emotions to peopel that i barely know despite the fact we have moved in teh same social circles for years. But I need get to see Mr D Meyer,more than just see him, indeed, see him with my eyesmy two eyes in my head hmm yeah. I've seen him once this year for a fraction of a section and the last time before that was um,not not even at Christmas in Wangas or anything but at Brendeoan's end of last year - we both felt so out of place there and clung to one another. I was with Dan and was in the midst of warning him no tocome and Duncan insisted he meet him & it wound up being lovely. Good times. ooh- me and Dan- we held helds! in a post-modern couple, late relationship intimacy devemental stage kindof way bahahah :D Except with my appauling all-or-nothing its on or its ON instant connexion track record, that probably means it was like Day Four.

OHH i had another point (bahahah- just mde the effort to delete a typo,as opposed to all the others i've ignored YES i AM aware :P) "another pint"hehehee : ANYWAY: poetry reading: Monday 16th October: 8pm: Room 101, Bar Bodega
please come along - its just a couple of us, not a huge affair - part of a friend of Cam's final year design project - she's doing a multimedia thang with projected stills and spoken word.........and me reading new new work that has yet to be heard aloud and that i'm not entriely sure i'm capable of verbalising
shall be good time i'm sure. Cam's great anywya-and some of my Iowa girls will be there too, hurrah!

[Will add photos in upcoming post soon. Now that I am in more capable state.]



Blogger Lou said...

Alright! A drunk post! Awesome!

Yes you are going to push it to far - chill out and get some sleep... or else...

Thu Oct 19, 08:47:00 PM  
Anonymous lil bruv ed said...

I'm thinkin' I have two favourite parts. The first is, of course, your first paragraph:
"and a pick fell out of ym bra. Like a guitar pick. am habing trouble recalling this but must be fromthe Over The Atlanic gig!! woot:D man am so glad i have a boogie.."
It's the starting in mid-sentence, I belive, and then the picture of a pick falling out of your bra. Thats one hell of a gig. Especially when you need to take your boogie board to help crowd surf. I assume thats why you "have a boogie" right..?
And the second is:
"I am soused and i CANNOT freaken make the picteres get IN HERE..."
Where I just imagine darling Bella drunkenly pushing her phone at the computer moniter completly perplexed as to why the photos are not getting "IN HERE".....

Thu Oct 19, 09:59:00 PM  

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