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Sunday, December 10, 2006

good sat PM, great sun AM

Our party went awesome, thanks for asking.

It was at quite a manageable size up until about 10pm, when all the people in the world arrived within about 17 seconds of each other and the roof nearly came off.

The only problem with having such a great party with so many lovely people, is you never wind up getting to see any of them. You flit about trying to keep track of it all and never quite get enough quality time with anyone in particular.

There was a touch of the Venn diagram thing happening, on account of the crazy disparate groups of friends and gorgeous guests, but I figure we're old enough now to hold our own when it comes to these things. That's the point of a party, right?

We have a mortifying amount of recycling to put out tomorrow, which is always a good sign - and though I did have Ribena left over this morning, the Absolut Vanilla was completely gone. Very mysterious.

So, in summary:

Miss Bel, circa 3.30am. Further info, see here

Miss Bel, circa 10.30am. Further info, see here

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Blogger Bel said...

Oh and regarding that 2nd pic... (going left to right) could Trelease, Lou & Tanya pls note the lovely old skool mail adornments having pride of place on my windowledge??
Who wants that view over the cityscape and down to the harbourwater?! Pssh! :D

Mon Dec 11, 06:49:00 AM  
Blogger Lou said...

Hurrah! I made the window sill!

Thanks for your drunk text :D

Tue Dec 12, 07:05:00 AM  
Blogger Bel said...

Ahhhhh... no problem?! haha... hah.. HAH

*quick checks PXT gallery for incriminating evidence*

Tue Dec 12, 08:50:00 AM  

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