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Thursday, November 30, 2006

S&M Reunion: put this date in your diary now

(Of course if you saw the headline and thought of anything other than 'Screen & Media', you can get your coat now, because this reunion won't involve any funny business thankyouverymuch. Ok, well - actually - I'm expecting shenannigans a plenty, but not the kind that fit under THAT kind of abbreviation).

Saturday 13th January 2007!!

Its not really that far away. Here's the email Marama is sending out, with details that may well be of interest if you were skulking round Hamilton in the early 2000s...


Remember the S&M parties of old? The Rialto screenings? Editing all night in JB.02 till your fingers bled?

On Saturday 13th January from 5pm onwards we are going to re-live those university years!
Join us at Sam Browns house for a BBQ, some drinks and misty water coloured memories.

If you were apart of the S&M Club, or studied Screen & Media come and join us. Catch up with friends you haven't seen in years, watch some of our old films!
And remember our friend Sam Barnes. Sam loved parties, socialising and drinking so what better way to celebrate his memory?

There will be three strategically placed pick up points in town where you can hitch a ride out to Sam's place, with a gold coin donation.
For another gold coin donation you can also be dropped off again at the end of the night. Awesome.

Once you RSVP you will be allowed to know the top secret location that is Sam Brown's house. BYO BBQ stuff and drinks.
See you all there!

Hit me up for Marama's email address if you want to RSVP - my contact details are in my blogger profile thingy I believe.
I think its an awesome idea and am not surprised its Ms Organiser herself that has got the ball rolling. At Sam's funeral we all talked about how it was kind of tragic it took something like that to get us all back together.

I've been all nostalgic today going through some old photos - these ones in particular cracked me up - I'd love to know what we were dancing to! And oh yes, there's my favourite lecturer with the mohawk and the full bottle of wine in his lap. I'm sure there are more pics from that night though - of us of crammed on the couch, sitting with our arms folded or something?! Or perhaps I'm mixed that with another night we got messy at a staff member's house and it was all recorded on film... deary me.


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