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Friday, November 24, 2006

its a Law of Physics, Bel

The heading here is one of gems that Trelease revealed to me during her stay.

I was unaware it had been made official by scienticians, but apparently girls are not allowed to be with boys that are shorter than them. In keeping with this, here is a great article from The Telegraph (which the Dom Post rehashed and made look like it was a feature of theirs, oh don't we love those media conglomerates!).

It talks about the fact that despite that Katie Holmes is two inches taller than her now husband, Tom Cruise, their official wedding portrait has the couple standing blissfully cheek to cheek. No one's quite sure whether she's got her knees all bent up under that Armani gown, or if some kind of ditch was dug for her. I mean, she has buddied up with Brooke Sheilds now, so she coulda got tips!

It also has one of my favourite tall lady quotes - from when Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise (oh Katie, think of all you've got to look forward to!): "At least I can wear high heels now". And also it slags off Scientology a bit, which is always great, so well worth a read really.



Blogger Lou said...

You need a scientologist Bel! They like to have eternal kisses!

Sat Nov 25, 01:44:00 AM  

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