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Monday, November 20, 2006

the demise of Guise

Earlier in the year, Guise was one of my favourite places to visit online. More trustworthy than a fashion magazine, as the author Missy-J was uninfluenced by advertisers and editorial agendas, but had truckloads of taste, so her posts were guaranteed to be oh so delicious.

However, after posting as steadily throughout September as she had for the months, years, before, she called an adrupt halt to the blog. And fair enough too, I mean, we're all just in this for kicks right? I guess I'm just disappointed I came in on the tail end! I'd directed a few friends to the site too and we had a wee satorial sob in honour of the good times.

Missy-J's based in Singapore, a city known for its shopping, and also has a bunch of great links from her site to various fashion-orientated websites. Her talent seemed to be picking out from all of the flotsam & jetsam certain eye-catching pieces, or high fashion concepts that could be applicable to those of us living everyday lives. I liked her sense of fun and quirkiness, the way she'd enthuse about colours and be so unashamedly girly and enthusiatic! And, to boot, she was totally fashion forward.

In 2005 Missy-J posted a pic of a YSL (i think) frilled acid yellow dress that he had in his runway collection, which I saw going thru the archives one afternoon back when I was an understimulated receptionist. And what did NZ's Fashion Quarterly have in its Spring issue this year? A photo of Chloe Sevigny wearing the very same frock, saying it was this season's hottest shade.

She did it again posting about a designer putting models in black mary-jane style shoes, with huge silky ribbons tied around the arch. She had ideas for how you could do this easily yourself, as most of us lasses have a plain black pair of heels. And what did I see in the lastest issue of FQ?? On their 'Trends' page are Louis Vuitton wedges, very similar - except, eww, SO not pretty! - the sole is chunky, big waved grip pattern and the ribbon thing is like a fushia bowtie slapped on there. Plus they'll cost ya a whopping $1370 thankyouverymuch.

The archives all seem to be gone now, which SUCKS, but the blog hasn't been deleted completely, so you can get an idea - if you're so inclined! And check out the links, speshly if you are an understimulated receptionist.

No - wait - in that case, you should quit your job and move on. Your life will improve dramatically.

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