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Monday, November 13, 2006

it says 'best' people ohh yeah

buy it and enjoyMy dear friend (I pinched her from my mum, so you know that's good value) and long term writing mentor, Suse Wylie, was the winner of last year's BNZ Katherine Mansfield Premier Award. This was by no means the first notch in her belt, but still a fairly prestigious acknowledgement of her talent.

Not to mention the whopping great cash prize. Also much deserved.

The short story which won her the long-running nationwide competition has just been published in the above collection, conveniently released just in time for your Christmas shopping and jam-packed some of the rest of the best of NZ's creative writers. Here's a wee sample of some the line up: Geoff Cochrane, Charlotte Grimshaw, Lloyd Jones, Owen Marshall, Carl Nixon, Vincent O'Sullivan, Jo Randerson, Fay Weldon, Peter Wells... Plus more.

In fact, I do believe its an extended edition of 'Lolly' at Fiona's request, so I am most looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into it!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it's me - seriously chuffed, Bel, that you use your publicist skills for good and not for evil. Buy, people, buy! Fiona and the nice Harriet at Random House would be mighty grateful if you did. Besides you need a good book to leave behind in the bach or spare bedroom for generations to come where it will curl up and fade and yellow and become as beloved as an old National Geographic or Reader's Digest or Jilly Cooper novel (who she? the younger set cry! love those Argentinian polo players!)

Wed Nov 15, 09:15:00 PM  
Blogger Kodiak said...

Yay my sister rocks! - Mark

Thu Nov 16, 07:05:00 AM  

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