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Monday, November 13, 2006

yeah more Borat and other movie stuff

I realise that Sasha Baron Cohen's latest film wound up being discussed rather extensively in the comments of this post but I can't resist posting this gem. You see, Borat is actually a friend of mine. Ok, not so much a friend as a Friend, as in a MySpace Friend, which means I get the bulletins sent from his profile, like the one below, which had me giggling so much Cam came to investigate the source of the hilarity:

Subject: Borat MySpaces ThanksYou!! (this one)

Jagshemash my myspaces besttfriends!!

I would like thank you alls from bottom of my chram for make my moviefilm great success and savings me from be execute. It was close - my Government had already made purchase of the 40,000 AA batterys necessary for power Kazakhstanfs electrics chair. I would also like thank generous anti-communist Fox Corporation for sharings profit of this movie. They have already fully honoured the terms of our deal and supplied my Government with the 25 iPods Nano. My nation has never known of such riches. Once again thanks you! I like you!! I like sex!!
You can make him be your Friend by visiting (it's worth it just for the authentic Kazakhstanian music... is it wrong that it makes me feel like a felafel kebab?). And the link to my MySpace is on the side there. Tho actually my profile is set on private now, so you'll have to be a logged-in capital-eff friend o mine to have a decent perve these days.

Oh and I saw my first Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan poster up on the weekend - apparently it opens here on the 23rd! woot! Now its the end of the year and the number of shows are finally trailling off at work, I have a chance to catch up on the silver screen essentials.

For example, I had a binge on the weekend and watched three DVDs. The fact I used the word 'binge' to describe the viewing of just three just then tells you how outta form I am.
My favourite of the bunch was definitely Miranda July's Me & You & Everyone We Know. It held me spellbound the whole way through - entranced by the characters and by each scenario that developed. I felt like there was so much humanity and emotion to relate to in the film, and it was so beautifully made too.
I loved what it said about commitment and sexuality, particulary in the context of the young. In one of the extra interviews, she said "we have to acknowledge that children grow up in an adults' world" and I think she portrayed this in such a tender way.
She talked about how we all have memories of sexual things as children but we don't really know what to think of that. And that perhaps if it was dealt with in a better way, rather than immediately and all encompassingly with shame and repression, people wouldn't grow up to deal with sexuality in a perverted way, whatever that may be.
Obviously this is a very fine line and a touchy argument - and I don't want anyone to stumble across this and think I'm condoning something abhorant, but I think that's the strength of the film, in showing the true beauty and innocence of relationships and finding a connection that means something.

I also really enjoyed the way contemporary art was explored and talked throughout the film. Although the main character Christine's artwork was presented in a kinda piss-take way, I really liked it hah! I don't actually know much about Miranda July in terms of her performance art or videos, but Steph saw some recently and said I'd love it. I believe I've ranted to Steph about my passion for Tracey Emin on at least one occasion, so I'll take her word for it and continue to seethe with jealousy that she got to see that firsthand.

PS the title is so much better in French: Moi, Toi & Tous Les Autres :D

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Blogger Lou said...

I didn't think Borat was all that great. The two people I went to it with felt the same. We all found the first half to be quite hilarious, but overall were a bit disappointed in comparison with its build-up. All of us were female, and all thought that the content of the second-half was perhaps more appealling for men (it involves Pamela Anderson, and also some gross male nudity - neither topics I find particularly funny). [I thought the satire of misogyny and rapists was hilarious]

One huge issue for me as a film person was that the genre is really inconsistent. Not in that way that films can be intentionally genre-bending and thus awesomely po-mo (or po-po-mo, or po-pre-po-mo), but in a kind of irritating disregarding principles of cinema kind of way. Which is cool for 95% of the audience, I just happen to be one of the 5% who like my films to be good films first and foremost.

Ironically I love both Jackass movies - both are extremely juvenile and masculine humour, and neither are really cinematic as such. But - different from Borat - they are what they are and they know what they are and they just all out go for it with skit after skit after skit. Whereas this is mockumentary that drifts into something else.

Tue Nov 14, 03:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Steph said...

I'm glad you finally saw the film
I found it really funny, but also really tender. I loves it.

Thu Nov 16, 01:02:00 AM  

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