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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So. Just a pretty face then huh.

Great Britain's current presiding beauty queen has just been stripped of her crown (and check out the pic, its quite a nice crown) for revealing that she was dating one of the judges when she won the competition.

The previous story was that they got together after meeting at the pageant - won over no doubt by her unique good looks, ability to walk in high heels and wave at the same time, and desire for, you know, world peace.
However in a recent interview with a magazine, Danielle Lloyd, the now former Miss Great Britain 2006, told an enchanting story of a pair of shoes her lovely boyfriend had bought her for Christmas, that she'd unwrapped in bed while they were snuggled up together. But the beauty pageant was in February, two months later. Uh oh.

The articles also mentions the organisers were starting to get shirty about her impending Playboy spread as well (classy move Danielle!) so no doubt were glad she managed to shoot herself in the foot. Let alone that this judge/boyfriend man appears from the photo to be a ginga who lives in a weird dwarf cottage house.

Nice moat tho. I do like a good moat.



Blogger Lou said...

Weeell, may I also add that when this story broke in Britain it was the huge front page news headline with huge photo in one of the main papers... despite this being straight after a man had set his house on fire killing his wife, three daughters, and himself, whilst their 17-y-o son was in hospital being treated for leukemia. The reason for the killings apparently being his unrest at her increasing westernisation and sense of rights.

Great media priorities, huh?

Tue Nov 07, 09:31:00 PM  

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