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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Special Guest Post! Rebecca Trelease in her own words:

First of all, lets get a few things straight. Why 'Trelease'? There were two Rebecca's in the last year of uni so by default it went to the surname. However, the other Rebecca hasn't been around for more than a couple of years now so lets get it back to the original status, huh? I'm mostly annoyed by the fact I didn't even get a The prefix, as in The Bartlett. I'm so jealous of that I'm totally going back to Rebecca (although it did cause some confusion as I was introduced around Wellington. Eddie met Trelease but was told he would be hanging out with Rebecca so he had NO idea who I was when I climbed into the car).

Bel and I both did the BCS so I knew of her from first year. I always thought she was really cool right from the start but alas she hated me. Although, I remember before we actually started hanging out or knowing too many people in common (i.e. only Shane and Gareth) she saw me walking around mega stressed at Uni one day and she walked over and gave me a big hug. Which I thought was lovely. Over the years we met at random parties, but the one she mentioned at my house - why did you come if you hated me so much! Although she did encourage me to have the vodka and orange juice that ended the night for me, so maybe it was all planned... *

Right. Wellington.

I managed to make it all alone into the city, except I got off at the wrong stop and totally ruined my grand entrance outside the St James. Was there for about 5 minutes before I was sat down with a stapler, stickers and pamphlets. Spent a couple of hours in the most gorgous but very uncomfortable costume from 'My Fair Lady', my hat made me 10ft tall but it squished my brains and the elastic cut into my chin. But no biggy. *

Explored every floor in Te Papa. This visit was a lot more educational than the last one where Bel just pointed to it and said 'well thats Te Papa'. *

That night, drinks at the Hawthorne (which I thought was the Matterhorne) and roasted marshmallows with Ebony, Sam and Sarah-Kay. Now Bel had talked this place up, how they have 'Connect 4' and lots of board games. They had cards for poker. That's it. We considered a round of Snap but instead ate more marshmallows. Went to the Matterhorne where I met Melissa but they didn't have any confectionary so we left.

We explored the Art Gallery which featured Sam Taylor-Wood * and while it showed random pieces of her other works, the main 'attraction' were her photos of actors crying ( We had both heard about it and had our criticisms before seeing it and I'm happy to report that it did absolutely nothing to sway our opinions of getting hired emoters to emote on cue and then call it an 'intimate portrayal of grief'. At one extreme was Philip Seymour Hoffman who actually looked like it could be an honest portrait, to Robert Downey Junior who seems to have a very elaborate way of lying himself out on a bed to cry. Although he did keep it modest. And don't get me started on the David Beckham video of him 'sleeping'. He wasn't. It was probably very difficult getting comfortable wearing massive diamond earrings and bracelets and flexing the pecs but it was by no means 'sleeping'. It was totally worth paying to see just so we could spend the whole time criticising the 'drawcard' of the exhibition. (note: The first part of her exhibition is quite good, especially 'strings'. Just not the crying thing).

Bel's brother Eddie took us on a tour of Parliament. As a security guard he would be in charge of Lost and Found so we handed over a soggy and dejected pink teddy bear found on the path. He also didn't need to go through (or explain) the security checkpoints, so as he kept walking we were stopped and I said 'but we're with him' (meaning he needs to stop or we'll lose him and don't know what we're doing) but being told 'that doesn't mean anything to us' in a very snotty manner as if I was trying to smuggle in stuff. However, that was when Bel was caught with (heaven forbid) her mobile to which he was quite horrified. * The question session in Parliament was a bit boring, when they start yelling you can't work out what they're saying. And no-one asked the tough hard-hitting question: Who lost their pink teddy bear?

Bel tells me we're going to 'Pao Pao Pao'. I had no idea what it was about but it starts and everyone is talking Te Reo. With no translations. However I'm sitting next to Cam and he was laughing away and agreeing with what's being. What I learnt: Pakipake means clap! Canicani means dance! We most enjoyed the performance by Hinemoana Baker (, and ended up seeing a second performance by her at The Marae in Te Papa. I've since heard her version of 'Secret Love'; the only other person I've heard sing this is Mandy Moore and I must say both versions are excellent.

Bridgit's wedding was beautiful and I was very honoured to be Bel's 'date' for this event. We did have to run off to Turnbull House for the Anthology Launch * in the middle (where Bel presented another glorious poem of hers) and I did have a moment out the window of 'That building looks like that main Parliament building. Oh, it is Parliament.' The night continued with our appearances at Mighty Mighty, The Hawthorne, Salsa night at the Jimmy and concluded with a Rosebud cocktail at Motel.

Random thoughts:

  • Never seen Malasian restaurants before but they are GREAT.

  • Whats up with only having fancy lemonade in glass bottles all the time, can't a girl get a decent watered down, overly carbonated Sprite? If I'm paying $8 for vodka do you think I give a hoot about the lemonade?!!

  • The 'walk' signals are incredibly loud.No one waits for a 'walk' signal. The entire group would start crossing so I would too instead of being a scared loner because the man was still red! It took me one day to start running across whenever like a Wellingtonian.

  • Yes, California Sushi must always be spoken with a reverent tone.

  • Bel's friends in Wellington are all very lovely and I enjoyed meeting them all.

* Bel here, chipping in because I'm the editor and that's my perogative. I would've been in attendance at the at-the-time dreaded Trelease's party because Shane or Gareth or BOTH was so in love with her back then. Another contributing factor to my depising - ya know how possessive I was of those boys. About the same level as I am of Trelease now.
No comment on the drink thing tho. Heh heh hee...

* This is referring to the photo shoot I intended to involuntarily recruit Trelease for, mentioned in this post, which it turned out she hadn't read and therefore was oblivious to our broadcast weekend itinerary!

* We were in a hurry, people!! I thought our time would be better spent eating gelati at Oriental Bay... good call, right?

* Yes, I went along. Yes, this was partially because Trelease offered to shout me. Yes I folded over the sticker pass they make you wear at the door so I didn't have to wander around the building with that pink-shirted sap Hayden Christiansen attached to my body. However, I wholehearted agree with Rebecca's comments about the REST of the photographs/films included, and I think I felt even more strongly about them. Her images The Leap and Self Portrait As A Tree has such impact on me, much more so than some fucken actor working up crocodile tears in front of another lens.

* The 'he' being the snooty security guard that this, not my brother - who is just a regular security guard, feeling cool wearing his radio ear piece n all. The guy had a freakin MARE at me, as it was just before entering the actual, um, chamber? is that what they call it? trying to think back to Social Studies... Anyway - pulled out my phone to put it on silent and they acted like I busted out a glock or something, honestly. What, am I going take scandalous photos of them flipping the bird to each other?! whoo!!

* You can read more about the launch of the NZPS 2006 Anthology here. As well as being Assistant Editor for the collection, and doing the typesetting and cover design, I had a poem included, called 'Long Letters'. Some of you may know it from my zine 'The Knife Thrower's Apprentice' - I'll probably post it up here some time soon anyhow... it went down pretty well on Saturday :)

Ok, better hop to it and get this posted. Trelease - I mean, Rebecca sent this through before COB as request but I somehow got busy and then had to head home from the office and THEN had all kinds of distractions, like ohhh I don't know sussinganewflatmate and stuff like that!!

Could someone please acknowledge two things? 1) my awesome anchor tags doing the whole footnote thang and 2) how I let the whole Mandy Moore thing slide. 'Cause you know she ain't trying to be funny at all there. K, sweet.

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Blogger Lou said...

Bel, you would know that I would noticed the Mandy Moore comment. But decided to let it slide because you let it slide. But you kinda hadn't, so now I'm kinda not either.

Your tags were fully impressive! Well, except for the last one which ain't working.

Regarding the photo exhibit, I love the description of it on the art gallery site:
twenty-seven photographs of leading male actors in a state of intense emotional vulnerability. While we are used to seeing these performers emote ‘fictionally’ on the large and small screen—here we are presented with a sequence of evocative black & white and colour images where the ‘truth’ of their distress is more ambiguous.

Whatevs!!! Except Jude's is probably real tears, you know with the whole stalking me to no success thing and all.

Love the photo! Love the dress!

So who DID lose the pink teddy bear?!?!?!

Tue Nov 21, 11:48:00 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

PS am thinking the person that lost the teddy bear might be the same person that left their glasses at the anthology launch???

Tue Nov 21, 11:48:00 PM  
Blogger Bel said...

Fixed it, fixed it - Blogger had a spit last night so it wouldn't republish my last round of tweaks - girlgeek v sad boohoo!

Yeah the blurb in the gallery had words like "carthasis" and "truth" and oh I don't know... About how this was sooo different to the way we usually viewed celebrities. And i was like hmm, I dunno, seems like paparazzi shots might be more revealing of actual moments of emotions yeahs?
So many of the images feel over-constructed, with their composition and styling, it detracts from the 'emotion' for a start. The Lawrence Fishburne one could be a freakin outtake from the Matrix!!

We shall never ever know re the teddy bear. It turns out Ed's boss was Care Factor Zero and biffed the soggy pink thing in the nearest bin.
Heartless sod.

Wed Nov 22, 07:13:00 AM  
Blogger Ed said...

rebecca only likes mandy moore because she did a song called 'candy'. and apparently rebecca l;ikes her candy. that would explain why she feels obliged to pretend to like that kind of music.
the teddy was hid-e-ous! he did what any of us would have done.
and yes, i marvell at your high quality of footnoting ability.
ps i rule.

Wed Nov 22, 11:16:00 AM  
Blogger marama said...

Um if you're going to do 50 million posts a day i don't know how you expect everyone to read them all! Sheesh!
You will forever be both Trelease and Rebecca to me. Just like I am Jo and Marama. Although someone called me Jo the other day and I kinda ignored it as everyone calls me Marama now. the funniest is when people say Jo cause they're too scared to say Marama.
It sounds like you went more places in two days than the entire time we were down there. I have never been to any of those bars!
This is making me all very excited about coming down, hanging out with Bel and all her new friends and going out (have recently acquired a liking for going out dancing :-).
Is that song My Secret Love from Calamity Jane? Just cause there's a song in there by that name and it's very lovely and i can see Mandy moore doing something like that. Not that i've ever listened to Mandy outside of Rebecca's car...
Rebecca that hat is absolutely hilarious. Who took the photo?

Wed Nov 22, 12:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

The title should have been-

'Rebecca Trelease in her own words with quite a lot of Bel's footnoting at the end there'.

Hinemoana's website has the tracks available to listen to so I would highly recommend checking them all out.

'Secret Love' featured on Mandy's album 'Coverage', of which I ordered the special edition from the US as it came with a DVD and it was an excellent buy.

And it doesn't matter what the dejected teddy bear looked like, someone loved it and misses it terribly.

Wed Nov 22, 01:13:00 PM  
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