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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Fountain springs forth!

As a fan of Darren Aronofsky and his films, Pi (its not really about maths, its much cooler, honest!) and Requiem for a Dream (made back before Jared Leto was a douchebag!), I have been excited about his project The Fountain for a long long time.

The script has been floating round since 2002, when it was pitched as a multi-million dollar follow up, riding on the crest of this young director's popularity. The premise sounded fantastic, borderline ludicruous, but I trust dear Darren. Then something went bung when his star, Brad Pitt, pulled outta the project. Those of you playing at home may recall a phase in Brad's appearance when he grew a monster beard and Jen on his arm looked like she snagged a yeti or something? Well that was when he was, superfluously it turned out, getting ready to shoot The Fountain.

Recently, however, Defamer posted a link to a Wired interview where Aronofsky finally talks about what happened there. First I'd heard, as the project was shelfed at the time, hush hush, and the film has only recently been completed (reenvisaging, new cast, slashed budget - but inside word is its still gonna be orsum). Of course you could go to Wired and read the full article there, but if you go through Defamer, you get to read the awesome headline: How Brad Pitt Broke Darren Aronofsky's Heart ...heh hee I love those guys.

Ain't It Cool News did a set visit while they were shooting but I could only bear to read the first paragraph before I freaked out and clicked every X on the screen. I really can't cope knowing anything about a movie before I go to see, speshly something I'm amping for. I want every image, every detail of the story, to be presented to me up there on the silver screen. Spoilers just... spoil it. And I consider pretty much any prior knowledge under that category. Afterwards though, i suck up all the info I can, and want to know everything about everything! Aah... being a film geek. Such joy.



Blogger Lou said...

Oh man, that last Defamer comment is hilarious...

I did not like Pi and had only a mild liking of Requiem for a Dream (was hard to take it seriously with all the film student adoration I'd heard about it, then a comment from 2 certain people who used to be a prominant part of Bel's life that implied the high regard for the film was very much to do with Jennifer Connolly's nakedness, which undercut all of the pretentions they'd otherwise tried to build as being genuine film appreciators), but I am looking forward to The Fountain. The premise is so out of it that it will either be awesome or a complete disaster. Either way is fine. As long as it isn't as much of a disaster as that hideous Bjork thing I walked out of after falling asleep (you know, the one you loved Bel).

Thu Nov 23, 02:51:00 AM  
Blogger Bel said...

It's not a hideous Bjork thing, it's a non-hideous Matthew Barney thing. (Here's the official website for the less somnambulant amongst us).

And yes, I believe those same two were willing to forgive the atrocious messes that were the Matrix sequels based SOLELY on Monica Bellucci's involvement... sigh...

PS: we all know the official big fucken wash out of 2007 is going to be Richard Kelly's Southland Tales anyway, so no worries there...

Thu Nov 23, 09:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bel, you know how much I can't wait to see Southland Tales.

I hope it rocks so much just to annoy you.


Thu Nov 23, 12:08:00 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

R - I just don't think it's going to rock. Sorry.

And yes Bel, I was thinking 'well if The Fountain does turn out to be crap, at least it won't be as crap as The Southland Tales...'

And OMG re: Matrix sequels... I didn't really get that whole Monica Bellucci thing in the first place, let alone it 'compensating' for the utter shite that was the continuation of the Matrix (which I am pretending never happened so let's not mention it ever again).

Thu Nov 23, 11:39:00 PM  

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