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Thursday, February 15, 2007

dancin in the park

X-air's not exactly my scene. I can see foolhardy young men risking life and limb, doing stunts on dirt bikes and caning themselves from mid-air anytime I want really - we call that "post-Christmas-lunch activities" in our family.

But I will hunt down breakdancers whereever they may be, so off Leanne and I went on Sunday, avoiding the oh-so-empowering bikini comp by the lagoon and the assault of coporate sponsors at every turn.

b-girl styles holla!!

Thanks to Body Rock the week before, we were familiar with plenty of the talent and were continued to be impressed by the crews at Frank Kitts Park that afternoon. The final was between Fresh Socks (its an awesome name, you know it) and the Original Step Kingz - not to be confused with all those subsequent, derivative Step Kingz, thank you very much.

Fresh Socks crew, Trans-Tasman deliciousness that they are.

Original Step Kingz: Kurv, Stretch and, um, the other guy.

Stretch was the guy who won overall at Body Rock and twas no surprise his crew was tight. I loved it when rather than just one of them stepping out, all three would bust out some move at the same time and overwhelm the other side.

Not to say that Fresh Socks didn't have a fair bit of style. Rush was the judge of Body Rock, and him & Melbz had come over from Australia for the events. (I'm just throwing the 'z's in willynilly here, these hip hip kids don't seem to have much respect for the humble 's').

As well as high quality 3 on 3 breaking, there was lots of other action to gaze upon all day. The kids that make up the entourage are just amazing. So much talent, so much stamina, so much damn attitude. You should have seen the way this little un, Kid Swerve, son of the MC/organiser of the event, rolled. He had a shoulder brush-off to be revered.

And for those of you (all of you) who just don't give a shite, I have annotated the token cute blondie. During the under-ages battle, she mightly took the mat, but didn't actually get around to demonstrating any ill moves. Still claimed her Moro bar tho, so I respect her for that.

We also received a few Moro bars during the course of the event, so I guess the corporate sponsors aren't all bad. Though by 'received' I do of course mean 'was flung at close range by extremely fit young gentlemen'. Tweet, the MC, kept saying "Aah yeah, sorry if you get one in the eye, yo!".

But other that slightly sunburnt legs and lingering grief that I will never ever look that cool on the dancefloor, there were no injuries on my part as a result of attending X-Air.

-insert Craig David lyrics here-

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Anonymous rebecca said...

I like the improvements in your photoshop skills.

Very sweet.

and yes I should be working right now.

Thu Feb 15, 06:36:00 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

Are you a fan of Jurassic 5?

I think you must be.

I just read an interview with them and ALL of them had random names (like the 'z' thing).

Charli 2na? as in pronounce as tuna? Even Charli is spelt differently.

Turns out their latest album was part-produced by Scott Storch, who did Paris' album. I only know that as she does that annoying 'say the producer's name as part of the intro' thing. And I only know that as my sister bought the cd for me from the bargain bin.

I hope it was as a joke.

Thu Feb 15, 09:10:00 PM  
Blogger Leanne said...

The other guy = Karnage. Pretty sure it would be with a "K" rather than a "C" all kool like and all. can I also mention that they never called it "breakdancing" except for in the x-air programme. It was officially bboying or breaking. And apparently I was "feelin my bboy" according to Kurv.

Much respect to the photographer also ;-)

Fri Feb 16, 11:01:00 AM  
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