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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

another kind of dancin in the street

Showing us how it's done.

You have to visit the website to see the pics - if you try do the 'right button click' (with your mind going COPY! SAVE! SET AS DESKTOP BACKGROUND! OMG!) a little box pops up pointing out the images are copyright and to please refrain. Fair enuff.

The images remind me of Sam Taylor-Wood's photos, from the exhibition which only got attention for the 'Crying Men' section. (Trelease mentioned it in her Special Guest Post late last year). But there were other images, some of which were very similar to this in concept.

Just found that off Google - but you still MUST go check out those World Press Photo winners - as they stomp all over them. Sam Taylor-Wood's ones are steeped in her overriding aesthetic, which works in terms of her oevre, but you get so much more of a feeling of vitality and passion from that set of the French photographer.

(I'm been trapped in a spreadsheet all afternoon, okay, cleaning up data - let me enthuse a little!!).

A huge thank you to Tanya for the heads-up on these. I love it when a friend just totally knows what is going to float your boat - particularly in terms of art. I had a nasty falling out with Sam recently over Yves Klein, along the lines of "You didn't have a love-at-first-sight experience with one of his paintings?! FOOL".

I usually find the World Press Photo exhibition fairly traumatising. Last year a friend, Jim, was managing it here in Wellington and by the time I shuffled round my lap, I threw my arms around him and sobbed right there by the main doors. (I'm sure he just lapped up the heartfelt public endorsement).

At least now I know I have gravity defying French hotties to look forward to, as well as a wake-up call about the worldwide horrors and travesties that slid under my nose during the last twelve months.



Blogger Matthew said...

Those WP photos are really beautiful.

Sun Feb 18, 01:32:00 PM  

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