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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Last call: BOY CRAZY!

A dispatch from Cherry Bomb Comics that needs spreading round:


The final email notifying you of the final exciting deadline (and other Q&As) regarding your opportunity to have work published in the new all-girl comic anthology BOY CRAZY!

*Q: What is BOY CRAZY! again? I remember knowing before Xmas but the deadline evaporated and I like flaked out.*

A: BOY CRAZY! is the all-girl, fully published book that will be released mid-2007; immortalising female comic, zine and art culture in this country.
Conceived, compiled and edited by Coco (co-creator of 'This is not a Comic') and Mitch (an editor currently working in the legal publishing field) - we're both comics-crazy and determined to make this book the first of many completely incredible publications showcasing NZ underground artists and comix culture.In the tradition of great female comic collections like 'Twisted Sister' (US) and 'Daughters of Slaughter' (NZ) you have been invited to submit your work and you'd be the crazy one not to feature – so time to be onto it 'dude'.

*Q: When is the deadline?*

A: The new final and revised deadline is Monday March 12, 2007. We have attached our postal address, email and contact phone numbers at the bottom of this email, along with the technical specs and creative requirements of your submission. Despite our xmas-time flexibility we will be holding all artists to this deadline. If you are worried about this at all just get in touch as soon as possible and we can probably sort something out.
TIP: Don’t leave it til the last minute, basically you've got five weeks from today to do something insanely creative that reflects what a choice lady you are.

*Q: Why should I submit something again?*

A: This is a professionally published book on the coffee table tip, exciting sponsors are onboard and this project is a huge chance to showcase work for all artists and females in NZ. This could potentially generate more interest and income into the realms of independent art and comics (not to mention the talented ladies who've crafted them). Wanted to 'make something' for a while? Wanted to have a motivation to do this? Needed to feel pressure slash inspired? Or a workaholic looking for her next project? A comic geek who wants to be included? Don't make me get Tony Robbins.

*Q: Does my comic have to be BOY CRAZY?*

A: No. Its a counteractive shout out to the Hernandez Brothers' comic 'Girl Crazy' as well as a pisstake/acknowledgment of the phenenomen that some girls are boy crazy. If you are, go nuts. If you aren't, all good. It'll be a mean collection either way.

NOW YOU KNOW THE DEAL, GO HARD. BOY CRAZY! will showcase the diverse female talent in the NZ art/comic/zine and independent press realms. The anthology will feature a mix of comic legends, alt artists and electric newcomers. We look forward to your submission and hope to finally celebrate the awesome tomboy talents of Aotearoa. Read on for all the details AND dont forget to pass the BOY CRAZY! info onto all the other clever female artists you know.

x Coco & Mitch

BOY CRAZY: The lowdown

2007 will mark the release of 'BOY CRAZY!' - an all-girl anthology of comic art from New Zealand.

We would like to invite you to contribute to this fully published book.


* All contributors are asked to submit a small blurb/bio for themselves and self-portrait (this will introduce you and your section).

* All contributors will receive a complimentary copy of BOY CRAZY!

* A minimum of 2 pages is required for a submission with a maximum of 8 suggested. This is flexible and excludes your bio and self portrait.

* The final deadline for submissions is Friday 1 December 2006 Monday 12 March 2007.

* Please send this on to any other ladies who might also be interested in submitting work

Send submissions to:

PO Box 78367
Grey Lynn


boycrazycomics (at)



Blogger Lotte said...

Oh my! Bel, you have made my day!, What would i do without you?

Thu Feb 08, 03:33:00 AM  
Blogger Bel said...

heehee yes you came imm to mind when this arrived in my inbox! It looks like a great project... can't wait to see the end product :D

Thu Feb 08, 09:25:00 AM  

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