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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The four corners of the town square.

BODY ROCK is on today and I am very excited. I have caught this in its various incarnations for the last couple of years - sometimes it coincides with X-Air, other times it seems to be independent.

Basically, there's a whole lot of break dancing, street art and music going on, right in the middle of town. And its always such a mix of people too, hence a white ass girl like me not feeling too out of place being in the midst of it!

Last year they set up a big graff wall in Civic Square and had specific taggers working on it throughout the day. Watching these people at work was incredible. Their deftness of hand and foresight was impressive, and the way an image was built up seemingly casually, but with such confidence.

Using Molotow spraypaint (which I knew of thanks to my lil bro's shenannigans with stencilling) they created a piece of art several metres long and as high as their arms could stretch. The other thing I loved was that the colour palette was limited solely to shades of pink - the only cans supplied. It looked freakin awesome.

I have more to say (about Furious Styles the wicked breaking crew who are back again this year) but time would be better spent psyching myself up for the traipse through central city, avoiding munter Sevens people...

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