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Thursday, January 25, 2007

All of these things cracked me up:

Firstly, Steve Carrell. Because he was associated with The [American] Office, I initially despised him, which was a snap judgement based on very little prior knowledge.

This was the first time ever in my life I have reacted in this way about anything.

Once I'd seen the show however, I immediately revised my opinion. And recently I was talked into watching The 40 Year Old Virgin by people whose opinion I value very highly. It was COMPLETELY different to what I thought it would be - based on marketing materials and the trailer I'd seen.

But you can't beat good word of mouth (or "peer-to-peer marketing" as we like to say in the industry, just so the rest of the world knows that we are indeed a big bunch of toffs). So it turns out that this film is really well written, a great insight into the modern world of male relationships and totally fucken hilarious.

And here is Steve Carrell doing some other funny stuff (NOTE TO TRELEASE: high kitty content!!):

Cheers to Lou for that one.

Next up we have something a little inappropriate, but nowhere near as inappropriate as the original material meh. Doing a Lynndie may be a bit dated now, but make sure you scroll right down to the gallery for the real paydirt - the one of Hayden Christensen getting Lynndie-ed was my personal favourite.

That came to me via the Bartlett who had to flicked to him by the Other Bartlett, but neither of them will be posting it on their blogs as apparently they don't do "that kind of thing".

However if you want some Will Ferrell mixed in with dense theology and eco-political hippie claptrap, or a blog where the posts are consistently outweighed by the comments, then you know where to go.

Another good laugh was thanks to Meg and some of youse might have already read it if you clicked on the link she left in the comments. Its taken me several days to do so because I am a horrible friend.

In fact, perhaps I do need to go on The Michaela's Place Etiquette and Performing Arts FALL BOOT CAMP because it seems it would improve my life to no end. For those of you also too slovenly to go read for yourselves about what this course entails, you're missing out on some awesome pastel pink, italicised courier font fun, but I shall cut n paste for your benefit anyway:
Well,it's an even more in-depth session and more coaching then ever before...from filling out your Passport Application to Copyrighting your very own music and poems with the US Library of Congress to your very own bra fitting with a top undergarment specialist to skin care and beauty with a top esthetician to on-camera commercials and modeling!! Of course we can't leave out the fabulous Bible study with each class and the discussion of over 200 great college scholarships that are available to teen. This is not your normal teen boot won't get this anywhere else!

Gosh - no - that doesn't sounds like your normal teen boot camp AT ALL now does it?! Again, totally worth scrolling all the way down and checking out the photo gallery. Anything with captions such as "MS. MICHAELA INSTRUCTS [table] SETTING" "GIRLS WATCH CLOSELY" "THE COMPETITION BEGINS!" have to be seen to be believed.

Moving right along!!
The Bartlett IM-ed me saying "Have you seen this online shopping site?" and I was kinda like "WTF?" as generally I hate any overseas-based websites because I just get j at the cool products they stock and confused at the exchange rate and guilty at the bad state my credit card is already in. And why would a seemingly lovely young man like him want to send me into a spinning hot mess of those kinda feelings..?

However reading through the descriptions of items on Awesome! soon had me in hysterics::
Remember a couple weeks ago when it was like 80 degrees in the middle of winter, and the sun was shining and the flowers were blooming and we were all like, "I love global warming!!"

WTF happened to it?! My cherry blossom tree has no blossoms any longer! I was so excited about the polar ice caps melting that I was about to go on an excursion to one with my blow torch in hand, just because blossoms in January is awesome.

I guess I'll just get this adorable cherry blossom wallet to carry around and remind me of the good ol'days.

And it only gets better. Our IM-ing went deathly quiet until I returned and dumped in one of their poster's rant on the type of person who would be purchasing a lap-desk and therefore "...never wear a bra more than three days before hand washing it with elegant-smelling soap, and you still mail holiday cards to the parents of your ex because you were always so fond of them and they weren't the ones to break your heart..." and aren't spending the cash on therapy like they rightly should be. LOLZ.

Well, roffle to all that aye?! :D
I had a throughly crap start to the day so am glad to be feeling much better. Three nightmares in a row, the first about my little brother, then one about my dad and finally one about my cellphone. (Yes, my cellphone, I know, but it was contextual).



Blogger Lou said...

Do you think I may have caused you to have an uncharacteristic bad judgement against the American Office? Because I was totally outraged (esp when they won last year's GG) but am of course now dying to see it.

I totally made some intellectual / spiritual / topical decision not to post that Meowing clip on my blog. Yeah. Nothing at all to do with the fact that I have no idea how to do the technical deed of posting it. *cough*

Fri Jan 26, 11:00:00 AM  
Blogger Lou said...

PS where you on speed when you wrote that post???? It seems very... random.

Fri Jan 26, 11:03:00 AM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

I'm definitely ROLFing right now.

Fri Jan 26, 07:29:00 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

Oh and I totally went to that boot camp site when I saw the link in the comments.

I soooo badly want to go. Like I totally wish I was 10 years younger so that I could get my life prepared better for right now.

Not to turn away all the male readers right now but....

Liner etiquette?????

What the hell. What have we missed out on girls?

I was ROLFing so much at that.

Fri Jan 26, 07:39:00 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

I love the kitty speak.

And the bilingual kitty speak!

And the kitty sign language!

You put that up specifically so I could watch it, didn't you Bel!

Fri Jan 26, 11:52:00 PM  

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