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Sunday, January 14, 2007

five days at Onaero Bay

Highlight: The Bartlett says he's got his dad's car, so no worries about the road trip. This turns out to not be some boring suburban family wagon, but instead a '74 Holden Belmont, dirty caramel brown, with bench seats and the classic lozenge-shaped coathanger aerial. Departure was delayed momentarily while we reinstated the oversized fuzzy dice to their rightful place.

Lowlight: Having to move the oversized fuzzy dice after having driven about 100m down the road because they are both a complete distraction and obscuring vision to a large degree.

Highlight: Repping it for our demographic. We were the only people in our mid-twenties in the entire campground. It was all happy families or old fogies and a few disgruntled teens who appeared to be having a good time despite their best intentions to be sullen. We wore our golden youth like a proud mantle and defied every stereotype.

Lowlight: Other Gen Y-ers showing up. Worse than that, they were also Wellingtonians. Quelle horreur - they were mates of ours! Ok, jokes, not a lowlight at all. It was one of those classic 'small world' moments. Speshly as I misheard and thought Cam had said "Hey he looks likes Craig Ireson..." and was thinking "Holy SHIT he really DOES!!". But that turned out to be because it was.

Highlight: Living in each other's pockets for almost a week.

Lowlight: Living in each other's pockets for almost a week.

Highlight: Fellow bookworms. We read like mofos during our holiday. Cam & Bartlett took the promiscuous approach, with half a dozen tomes to chose between, whereas Simon & I were monogomous souls, sticking to plowing through our chosen volume.

Lowlight: Someone may have possibly got the book they were lent by a friend of theirs over the Christmas period a little bit sandy. And a little bit crumpled. This person might also have a tendency to dog-ear that she (OR HE) forgets is not acceptable to all book owners.

Highlight: Dozing in the warm sun of the afternoon.

Lowlight: Freezing half to death the couple of nights when it got really chilly.

Highlight: The beach there, on the west coast, is a proper one. By that I mean black sand, driftwood, cliffs that are just where the land has stopped abruptly and is in perpetual danger of falling ever more into the sea. We had amazing bonfires every night, made more magical by Maui twinkling in all it's man-made oddity on the horizon, and the full moon rising over the hillside.

Lowlight: Was forced to concede that my usual 'flambe' technique of toasting marshmallows is not as ultimately satisfying as having a mouthful of warm melty sweet goodness. Unfortunately my lack of patience and attention span still meant that every couple of goes I'd get fed up and just set one on fire. Mmmm. Charcoaly.

Highlight: Being cliquey. Establishing catchphrases, new slang, nicknames - you name it, we coined it.

Lowlight: Waitara. That place was a black hole, trying to suck us in and never let us leave. We just went in to pick up some supplies (and Bartlett blogged, I know he did) and next thing you know hours have passed without us realising. Something seriously weird was going on. Plus, I hate to reinforce stereotypes, but it was just all bogans and teen mums. So terrifying.


Blogger Lou said...

You didn't tell me Craig turned up! Was Kirsten there too?

Mon Jan 15, 10:23:00 AM  
Blogger Bel said...

Yah-huh. They were on their way to the Parihaka festival.
We had a great night around the fire, toasting and toasted, the best kind of conversations - and exploding overheated river stones just to cap it all off!

Mon Jan 15, 02:39:00 PM  
Blogger Lou said...


Tue Jan 16, 05:34:00 AM  

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