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Friday, December 29, 2006

legless at Christmas

So I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and are looking forward to New Year's Eve with all the usual overanticipatory hype.

What did you get for Christmas? From me, you probably got jack shit. I totally screwed it this year. I ordered a bunch of stuff online, from a New Zealand website, and realised after I'd entered my credit card details, that it was actually being delivered from the UK.

It could've still made it in time, but then the confirmation didn't come for another four days. And then two or three days after that came the email apologising for delays due to the Christmas rush and so forth. And since I'd supplied my work as the delivery address, and we don't open again til the second week of January...

Or possibly you got nothing from me because I don't actual like you that much. Muahahaha!

JOKES JOKES :D because I do OF COURSE love you dearly, here is a wee treat, something that made me very happy - pics of the pony! woot!

My other main news is that the gammy foot situation progressed downhill steadily and now uphill slowly. As you can see from those photos, on Christmas Eve I was still rockin the mismatched bandage combo and in fact while in Wangas I wound up going back to A&E twice and not JUST because its one of the more entertaining activities for that wee city.

Getting literally pumped full of drugs was pretty sweet, tho of course the first nurse totally screwed up the IV. My arm was a mess after she was finished playing pincushion with me and of course it bruised up good n proper as well. Then she had the audacity to tell me that I had "tiny veins". Oh really? Well I think you are fucking incompetent, lady.

But then less then 24 hours later I'm defending her at Christmas lunch, being the leftie liberal wank that I am, when Dad is retelling all to the family and mentions her Asian ethnicity in terms of "let's say she wasn't a New Zealander har ha" which of course set me off in true family-Christmas-political-discussion style.

Of course I have some awesome pics of my arms with needles hanging out but I forget that not everyone else is as down with that shit as me so will refrain from posting them online. Sigh.

Finally got some crutches, after Mr Wellington A&E Doctor was a hold out on that, too busy being all "So where do you work? Oh wow, that must be great! Cool! Yeah I love the theatre! Wow! Cool!" and I'm like "Dude, now is NOT THE TIME to hit on me. If you're not gonna let me have crutches I want at least, like, an x-ray or something".

Unfortch the prob is I'm pretty useless on the crutches. Haven't ever used them before in my life and am having to be shown proper instructional techniques by more experienced practitioners such as Simon.
Have only dropped on damaged foot once so far tho.

Footnote: I typed up this entry on the 29th but our interweb connection was having ISSUES so couldn't upload the lovely photos. Hence the lack of entries over the break, hence irate comments from Trelease and the like. I'm now resurrecting the draft here in the first week of January and backdating like a mofo. Skabooche.



Anonymous Rebecca said...

I am sooo glad you're updating again! Work has been so boring and busy, all by myself at work and online... but now the full team is at work so I"m not so lonely, and fun photos of gammy Bel with a pony... yay!

I was told I had really fat veins (well they stick out so much on my hands when its hot I could have told them that) but yet they kept 'collapsing' when they were i.v.'ing me in the ambo. So by the time I reached the hospital with my crooked out of place wrist I was COVERED in blood.

I never got to see the tubes in my arms, and I especially didn't think of photos. That makes me so ill normally I thought I shouldn't, but I was so hopped up I probably shouldn't have worried.

I had random x-ray man laughing at me and the way I was holding my arm 'like it was a baby' - like full on chuckling at me - and I wanted to yell such bad words at him, but yeah, already hopped up by then too.

Wed Jan 10, 06:47:00 PM  
Blogger Bel said...

"hopped up" oh that's brilliant!! :D
sounds like SOMEBODY had one too many soda pops before they went to the drive-thru!!

I always forget that some people (most people?!) get funny about blood and needles and injections and so forth. I'm quite keen on it all really. Not in an Angelina Jolie-Count Dracula-Kurt Cobain kinda way but its just never worried me.

Once when I was getting a blood test and watching the vial fill up dark, warm liquid, I asked the nurse if people were allowed to request a tube for themselves, like, just to take home with them.
The thought had just occured to me - I mean, its YOUR blood, right? So surely you can do what you want with it??
I didn't actually want to do it myself, I was just curious. But boy oh boy did she look at me funny. And I'm pretty sure there was EXCESSIVE scribbling down of notes for what was just a run of the mill blood test...

Wed Jan 10, 08:49:00 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

My veins are also hard to find... Once when giving blood they had to try one arm... then the other... then go back to the original one whereupon it finally went in... but the bag stopped filling and my arm turned blue about halfway through.

Meanwhile - thankfully out of sight as whilst I am now comfortable with my own needles and wounds and scars I still baulk at other people's - my friend who was giving blood for the first time had an inexperienced person who didn't take the pressure off and blood went EVERYWHERE. She felt quite faint and has never given blood since. Which is a shame, as it took her a long time to get up to the required weight limit and iron content to fulfill her life-long aim of donating.

Anyhoo - also just wanted to say AWESOME PONY.

And that I am glad you had the Christmas Dinner conversation that I normally have but missed out on this year due to half-a-world's distance. (the 'funny' remark from a relative that is actually racist, and subsequent argument)

Thu Jan 11, 02:40:00 AM  
Blogger Bel said...

Ohh more blood spraying everywhere stories!! this is the best thread ever! :D

Am glad that you are also fond of Chloe the pony... (my cousin gave birth the next day and called her kid Zoe - I just KNOW I'm gonna fuck that up at some stage!) I must talk to Grandma about who she plans on leaving the pony to in her will, as Mum is already muttering about "My Little Glue Factory". Heeheehee!

Thu Jan 11, 06:59:00 AM  
Blogger Lou said...

My Little Glue Factory! Bahahahahahahhahahahahahha!!!

Your family is totally hogging all the good pets: rats, a pony, and an albino deer...

Thu Jan 11, 11:05:00 PM  

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