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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Overheard at Christmas Drinks

Marketing exec to new arrival:
"Hey doll - I'm so glad you came! Get stuck into the wine. I'll talk to you once all the boring people have left."

Govt dept man pointing somebody out to another govt dept man:
"He kinda looks like a gay windsurfer. Because he is."

Established actor/first time writer holds up hand to award-winning writer.
They high five.
Award-winning writer: "What's that for bro?"
First time writer: "I finished my script!"
Award-winning writer: "You finished it?"
First time writer: "Yeah man, its all done."
Award-winning writer: "Has your director seen it yet?"
First time writer: "Oh nah, not yet."
Award-winning writer: "Then you're not finished."

Two mailing list recipients discussing the Christmas-themed newsletter:
Grinch: "As soon as I saw the clip art I deleted it."
Scrooge: "Whatever. You went Ctrl-F ...Enter own name... ...No matches... Delete!"
Grinch: "No! You can't do Ctrl-F on a PDF."
Grinch: "Can you?"
Scrooge: "...Recover deleted items... Ctrl-F..."

Couple are telling of wedding plans for February when he steals corn chip out of her hand.
Fiancee: "Oh, so that's how it works is it??"
Fiance: "Yep. 'I vow to always share my nachos'."
Fiancee: "'I vow to always require a larger serving'."
Fiance: "We should be writing this shit down."


Blogger Lou said...

I know them all with certainty except the first draft one. Please supply info as soon as is convenient.

Fri Dec 15, 05:08:00 AM  

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