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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dolphin sighting!! Oh wait... false alarm...

It wasn't dolphins after all.

It was orca whales.

Yeah, that's right - orca whales. In Oriental Bay this afternoon. Just hanging out, swimming around. With their pointy dorsals and glossy black backs poking out of the sparkly water.

They were right close to the shore, not out in the depths of the harbour - I'm talking up by the fountain where the white sand beach and gelati shop is. There was this older guy jogging along the beach who got slower and slower, body slack, as all his focus was drawn by this amazing sight.

It felt like such a magical moment, a real privilege. I'd bunked off work early, after our boozy, stodgy Christmas work lunch and was just strolling along the waterfront with a couple of friends. Was certainly not expecting to see one of my favourite summer spots being inhabited by huge beautiful beasts of the ocean...

UPDATE: In the Dom Post today (Thursday) is an article and a colour photo! Proof! It says that "It cannot be due to the supposed summer weather, but killer whales have made Wellington Harbour and the southern bays a holiday home of sorts to "chill out" in. The pod of at least five orcas has been seen in several places around Wellington waters, including Oriental Bay, Evans Bay and the harbour entrance." Read the full story here, with comments from DoC and tales of close encounters!


Blogger Lou said...

Photos!!! Find some! Now!! I'm J! So v J!!!

Tue Dec 12, 10:38:00 PM  
Blogger Bel said...

Have just added an extra bit to the post with a link to - actual media coverage of the excitement! The Dom Post had a wee picture but we didn't have any snaps :( (the one day i leave my cellphone at home!!)

...just lovely amazing memories to treasure I guess! :D

Thu Dec 14, 09:08:00 PM  
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