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Monday, December 11, 2006

its what we do on Mondays

Post Secret is asking for support. You can buy their books through the link at the bottom of their page and Amazon will give 10% of your purchase back to them.

They'd also just like it if regular visitors linked to Post Secret from their own sites and things like that. The postcards above are some of my favourites from this year. There was another which stands out in memory - it reduced me to tears when I scrolled to it on the screen.

They don't archive the postcards and I didn't save it to my computer. The image just cut me through. I felt like it could've been made by one of my parents. Except it was too artistic to be my dad and not arty enough to be my mum.

I don't know if that's actually the best way to finish this post and recommend the site, but... yeah. Usually they're pretty intruiging, funny, a bit pervy - sometimes sad. Lots of sentimental. I love it when they put up occasional email feedback - like that time with the map coordinates sequence. It was like a soap opera!

Post Secret. Check it out.



Blogger Lou said...

I freaking love the narration one. And the others. But the narration one makes me smile. And do that sort of 'ha...' letting out of breath that you do when you're kind of laughing to yourself and it accidentally slips out.

Wed Dec 13, 03:27:00 AM  

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