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Friday, December 22, 2006

Things I've learnt in 2006:

  • Cherry tomatoes are not entirely evil. This is based on the one that Simon got me to eat at Meg's 21st, so further research may be required. However, I was pleasantly surprised not to be entirely repulsed, compared to how disgusting I find regular tomatoes.
  • Having a long term working relationship with your hairdresser is a wonderful thing. It means you can walk in and say "do want you want" and walk out feeling happy and looking good. Plus you tend to get freebies.
  • Pods - Snickers flavour - mmm.
  • Just because he acts like he's single, doesn't mean he is single. But acting like he's single when he's not probably means he's not happy in the relationship. But it doesn't mean he's going to end the relationship. But it does mean you don't wanna touch that with a freakin ten foot pole. We call this "learning it the hard way", kids.
  • Lino magazine is awesome.
  • Pavement magazine is the sucks and now its bust, haha.
  • You can add extra names to your 'To Celebrate a Decade of Kissing' list after blogging it due to an initial memory lapse and no one will comment on it. Heh heh hee...

Ooh - Eddy is here - gotta cruise! He just rung the bell like a BILLION times and Cam said he's taking a litre of blood for every second of noise...ed says whooooo!! EEK hijacked!
Right, stocked up CDs - must be time to hit the road! Ka kite ano!


Blogger Lou said...

Bel Bel Bel, it seems we're still synched half a world away from each other - I have also just discovered that cherry tomatos are not to be feared (unlike their regular tomato cousins). I also love snickers pods. And am also snickering at the news that Pavement has gone bust. (although obviously sympathetic to those who lost their jobs etc)

Wed Jan 03, 11:41:00 PM  

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