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Monday, January 08, 2007

bring it on double-oh seven!

The year is off to a good start.

My former Lower North Terrace compatriots, Marama & Joe, joined me in Wellington for the dusk days of 2006. We perused the finest dining establishments of the capital city (i.e. went to Midnight like a billion times) and upon discovering that both Ed's and California Sushi were closed for the Christmas break, decided to scamper up north early.

That kinda makes it sound like we just spent the whole time eating, planned everything around eating, and only cared about the eating, but tis untrue!

We also went out drinking one night. HAH.

Sweltering in the car, we stopped in Taupo early evening and enjoyed a picturesque sparkling lakeside spot, where we managed to get windblasted in a style I thought confined to my current residence and soon scurried back to the comforting muggyiness of our vehicle.

Arrived in Hamilton pretty late, but not so late that we couldn't watch a movie. I love this about hanging with my old crew. My eyes started going square just being in the presence. And my words get nerdier, doused in theory I thought I'd forgotten. Because its never good enough to just chill out and enjoy a movie. We have to discuss how it relates to post-modern feminism as influenced by a Deleuzian interpretation of identity.

So 40 Year Old Virgin was not only way funnier than I thought it would be ("You know how I know you're gay?" "How?" "You like Coldplay.") but also I wound up analysing the beegsus outta it in a way in a way that would terrify anyone involved in the original development, I'm sure.

New Year's Eve was spent in Bucklame at the Balmoral Chalet. Tanyapants is still over in HK unfortch, so it was just a small capacity posse but boy did we party big time. Such a good example of WHO you are with being the key to making ticking over to midnight the best thing ever.

There are some photos floating round but you know how when you're under the influence of your usual medication, celebratory alcohol, prescription painkillers, various other illicit substances including delicious chocolatey snacks purchased from the asian supermarket and then all of a sudden taking photos whilst dancing seems like a good idea?? and then you look at them the next morning and they're all just blurry images of gawky spazoids? Yeah well, maybe that's what happened, maybe I'm trying to give you a detailed metaphor to set the scene. Of what may or may not have happened.

One of the nicest things about leaving Auckland was saying "cool, well see ya...SOON!". Knowing that I was coming back up for the S&M Club reunion the weekend after made the farewells pretty lax. We'd caught up with Kirsty and Gareth in Hamilton, when McGeady and Lisa had come round for lunch there too, and there was just that lovely Christmassy whanau feeling of having everyone nearby.

Brief aside here, as in - slight step back in time - ooh look at me being all nonlinear! Gosh, i can't think of which damn theorist that is right for that whole thingy, with the stuff folding back on its self - Trelease knows!! Trelly..?

Anyway - my point was, both those lot had their lovely kiddies there. Elliot, who is brand new and proving Kirsty to be fantabulous at this whole motherhood gig. Biggest hitch so far is that Gareth has been in charge of naming the toys, so their wee six month old has two very cute teddy bears called Derek and Ken. Oh yes, catchy. And his stripey monkey toy is constantly referred to as 'Elliot's Arctic Monkey'.

And Katya was a cutie little cupcake as ever, dropping her dad in it when Lisa asked her what McGeady's New Year's resolution was. She looked at them both and said, "Anger". She also told Marama that hers should be to stop telling her to act. Which refers to the role Mars gave Katya in the film Down By The Riverside that they've been working on.

Lou's talked about New Year's resolutions over here and she's hit on the same thing as me. The first couple on my list as always complete piss-takes, as i crack myself up writing stuff in my journal like:
1st January.
Resolution #1 Quit smoking. DO IT this time you loser!!
Resolution #2 Lose weight (10 Kgs.) (Min.)
Resolution #3 Learn to love yourself
Resolution #4 Write to Nan before she carks it
...and so forth. Shit I'm funny.

But actual this year I'm not gonna lose any weight at all cause I'm fucken sick of having to buy new clothes and I'm gonna drink about the same amount and smoke more and make art with Sean and keep my life happy and write some more bloody poems and have people pay attention to them and learn to crimp. Or crump. Both?

Where was I?? Oh yeah in transit really... Wandering minstrel that I am, next thing you know, I'm on a plane back whizzing down south, whole row to myself and my nearly un-gammy leg.

Bartlett has already written snippet style about our Naki coast camping adventure and I will update again soon! Tis so blissful being back in the world of the interweb. So blissful that I am up way waaay too late despite the date stamp on this -TRUST ME- i have been distracted by chatting online with hot babes and yes you should be jealous.

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Blogger Marama said...

Had the funnest new years since I sat in a spa with two gay boys. You want to have an interesting new years try doing that.

Tue Jan 09, 12:49:00 PM  
Blogger Bel said...

How gay? we're talking continuum not binary here right? :P

PS whilst having a geek-out in IMDb i found this quite and had quite the LMAO moment:

[from the deleted scene]
David: Know how I know you're gay?
Cal: How am I gay?
David: You've seen Rent *three* times.


Tue Jan 09, 05:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

Hell I don't understand non-linear narrative time space things, that was Brad who did the Masters thesis in crazy timelines.

My style was more the terrifying dwarf variety and that horrible ju-on TRAILER (not even the freaking movie!) which had us peeing our pants.

Wed Jan 10, 06:40:00 PM  
Blogger Bel said...


*sucks thumb rocking in corner *

Wed Jan 10, 08:27:00 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

So um when I was little I had two male barbies that were called Ken and Derek... I mean, I know that Ken is the name of the male barbie, and Derek was the branded name of the other one... but it's still pretty random that he came up with that exact same combo that I had... weird.

Thu Jan 11, 02:36:00 AM  
Blogger Bel said...

Not random, Lou, not random AT ALL.

Rebecca and I discussed this via text last night. She revealed herself as the doyenne of all that is Barbie and said that there is also a Hawaiian-theme guy called "Stephen".
Which presumably is the name of one of poor Elliot's other toys like a wee plastic dump-truck or rattle or soemthing.

I was deprieved of Barbies as a child so went through the phase when i was about 14 or 15 years old instead (in a semi-sarcastic, retro-grunger kinda way). But was playing with real boys by then so the whole names things went waaay over my head - I thought Gareth has just picked the most hideous ones he could think of!

Thu Jan 11, 06:52:00 AM  

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