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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Let's get together and feel all right

Is there any other way to spend Waitangi Day in Wellington?

Got to One Love at midday and there was already a huge crowd filling up the grass in the middle of the velodrome. The on-to-it ones had their chilly bins, gazebos, replacement-glass vessels and gallons of sunscreen all good to go.

I'd spent the night before at my Dad's, so I was wearing a day-old black dress, shoes far too cute to be practical and lugging round a load of comic books from the library. Fortunately I had two water bottles - and lots of scrumpy to beg, steal, borrow...

A couple pics of us here and here thanks to the Bartlettssss.

And probably if there are pics around from the Olmecha Supreme set, you will spot some cats going crazy up the front, that is us too. Two guys in matching hats and matching man-cleavage, a girl with flys-eyes sunglasses and Cam with his awesomely ugly red hat, in amongst the rest of the crowd going wild at this guy and his crew:

Best outdoor live music since... Splore - Talib Kweli or the Cuban Brothers. Oh yeah, I'm puttin it up there.

And traipsing all the way round to Haitaitai beach for an early evening swim afterwards was the best idea ever. As was paying that public holiday surcharge to get us a curry for tea. And then collapsing to bed to feast on new books and enjoy warm skin.



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