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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gogo girls

Bandwagon? Yes please!

I'm now on Ringo thanks to Evelyn. My sole friend there, I might add. So if you are lurking about, feel free to shimmy up close.

Ev was here for the long weekend, with other lovely AK girlies in tow - and although their sole purpose seemed to be stocking up on photos for this Ringo thingo, we also managed to fit in some high class shenannigans too.

Jane, Ev & Sarah. Our city's guests for the wknd.

Jane was our pout tutor. I was the troubled student.

Lingering memory of the night:
Jane behind the lens going
"Two and three and BLOW!"

At Mighty Mighty, with a bit of product placement.

What's a good night out without a bit of impulse tattooing?!

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