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Saturday, October 28, 2006

flatmates lost & found

Apparently the opportunity to get paid to play music on a cruise ship in the Caribbean is just too tempting. Hayden moves out today and is going to Miami... (brief pause while Bel has late 90s Will Smith pop bounce around her head). Its all happened very quickly - I mean, Hayd's a muso, so when he started saying "I'm looking at getting a job on a cruise ship" we took it about as seriously as "Yes I'm sure I dropped those back at Amalgamated Video and not at the public library".

But next thing ya know, the world clock's being consulted for phone calls with the Northern hemisphere, the audition went swimmingly, and the boy is packing his bags. Our flat has felt so settled since Simon moved in, things run pretty smoothly & the fact that we have a pair of brothers here brings an interesting twist to house relations. I love living in a boy flat and all that that entails. Simon and I take turns at being the biggest slob - tho he is prone to cleaning blitzes, whereas my "floordrobe" is pretty much a permanent institution.

However, first rule that Cam slapped down in the hunt for a new flattie was that it be a girl. (Basically so he'd have someone to talk to about all that gay stuff he's into, like the environment and shit). We'd consider a guy if need be, but when everyone's favourite of the applicants was a German fellow... well, those who know me know my feelings about Germans, so that was vetoed quick smart.

Usual story - my gut feeling was Emily, the American photojournalist recently arrived in Wellies, was the one for us. We asked her to come back for a second visit, just to confirm things. Our flat is quite a homely place, not a train station where everyone eats in their room and ignores each other in the street, so we wanted to make the right decision. I was a little late due to work, but Simon was feeling the same way as me and Cam, and Hayden had already invited her to his farewell party that night, sooo... I guess that means welcome to the family!! You poor wee dot.


Blogger Lou said...

An American Photo Journalist? No Scandanavian Film Directors or Botswanese Verse-singers available?

Mon Oct 30, 07:08:00 AM  
Blogger Bel said...

No no... but since we are now having to do ROUND TWO, who knows what might turn up.
You know i'd be after a fricken Scandanavian film director in a flash - or rather pulling that trick of mine again and saying "no sorry, you're too cute to live here. but let's go for a drink" heh heh

Mon Oct 30, 10:38:00 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

Or you could just tell him some interesting facts about fan-tails.

Wed Nov 01, 02:12:00 AM  
Blogger Bel said...

Hummingbirds, Lou, hummingbirds. They are my speciality.
And you have seen that shizz in action. peow peow!!

About our dear piwakawaka I am not such a font of knowledge. Unfortch.

Wed Nov 01, 10:18:00 AM  

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