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Thursday, October 19, 2006

further evidence of shenannigans

As if my textual encounter of the previous weekend wasn't enough, here are some visuals for you.
Apparently my phone has an exciting night mode which puts a moody blue cast upon all who fall under its gaze. Tres Veruca Salt.
Simon and I make that backseat look all kinds of fun.

I have actually mostly been insanely busy lately assisting with the editing of a poetry anthology. Entitled tiny gaps, it's going to be launched by the NZPS in mid-November. (See how confidently she said that? Not a tremor!) You see, things have gone a little haywire. Plan B has had to kick into gear. But it's gonna be oookaaay.

Things have been hectic at work lately too, lots of pressure on. I know that I am starting to make fret the people who know me, because I tend to cope suspiciously well in these kind of circumstances and then spin out completely.
But I have also learnt a lot from previous periods of my life. Learnt it the hard way though, sure.

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