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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Beamer (new poem)


Brooke's dealer drives
a silver beamer

but his face
cracks open

into one of those
little kid smiles

you see him

in gumboots
kicking up puddles

using tin foil
to wrap his lunch

those deft fingers
the same silly laugh

I realise the poetry link on my main site is a big ole dead end but once of these days I'll get around to putting some work up. As I have no software, this means an exciting combo of trying to recall the Intro To HTML course I did like a year ago and manipulating images on the sly while at work. Would also love to get up some of the recordings I have, from the The Knife Thrower's Apprentice zine launch and from the National Radio When Push Comes To Love collection. But that would involve having the mad skillz, which i sadly lack.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

snippety snip snip

First up, breaking news: I just heard fire crackers go off. Is this the revolution? Or possibly just parents desparate for anything to keep the kids happy by day four of the school hols? Hmm. I would go investigate but am already cosy in bed and any new order that i wish to be part of will surely respect that.

Second up, actual breaking news: i got my haircut. yeah I KNOW!! exciting! and yet so far I have not been swamped with complimentary acknowledgements (gasp!) so thought I would use my dellciously self-indulgent blog to post photo of self and boost esteem that way:

frames within framesHad a bit of trouble lining up the shot as you can see. Just using my cellphone which is not the fanciest piece of digital photography equipment I will admit. It does make a HILARIOUS kerrr-churrkk sound effect noise though - just AS IF it were a ye olde manual camera!! However it means this pic includes some of my favourite art works (gifts from Tanya and from Joe) and also a photo of me and my high school boyfriend aged oooh 16 or something, in a fabulous chunky glittery frame I bought from Briscoes back in the day. It reemerged when I was moving and simply had to be put on display.

INTENTIONAL weird arty angleThis one gives you a better idea of the cut! As you can see, I took it using the mirror. So I guess if you want to get all technical, my hair is sloping in the wrong direction for youse. But for me, this is what I gaze at each day. Aaah.
The details are that the fringe is v short now. Like, where it looks swept across, it is actually only a couple of centimetres long. There is nothing to sweep. It is just sw. But the sides there are very long and ringletty and -even if I do say so myself- and i do say so myself- BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE HAS NOTICED- it looks quite cute. The back is not long tho, she followed my instructions and cut that right up so the nape of my neck shows:

well another view of the shelves thenOk well that was my attempt at photographing the back of my head anyway.
Dang it!!

Did i mention I got like no rest last night? Mum bussed down 'cause she was flying to Australia so it was kind of a late night. Then she was up at 4am because you have to check in so far in advance now. Then she texted at 6.30am to let me know she was boarding ok. Then I had to, you know, get up and act like a normal person who'd had a decent night's sleep.
But man it was so lovely to see her. Met her at the station and took her out for Malaysian and admired the quilt she'd made as a wedding present and sussed the shuttle to the airport for her.
She said she was feeling a bit nervous about doing this trip over there by herself, even though it isn't really a big deal. She thought of me travelling over to France by myself at 17 and told herself she had nothing to fret about. I had a minor explosion at this point and reminded her that the first time she put me on an international flight by myself I was aged 10, so yeah -damn straight she has nothing to worry about!
She turns 50 next year and I'll turn 25. She said last night we're like country mouse and city mouse now. She's lived in the same house for, well - it'll be 25 years by the end of next year. I never moved house once growing up. It was such a shock to the system going to uni and starting flatting. That kind of transcience is something I only associate with the last few years of my life, after growing up with such a solid base and sense of a home location. I can understand Mum's hesistance and her vulnerability. I find it kind of sweet but a bit sad too. There's so much of the world out there! Cliche, yeah, but I know she would enjoy and thrive on it. And give so much back.
Hah I do sound like city mouse don't I? Try to push her out of her comfort zone, into something she has chosen to not partake in. Yet.

Anyway. Let's get back on track. By which of course I mean talking about ME and my awesome HAIR.
Just then when i was try to find where in the hell my photos had gone to I found some pics of me here in some folder of Lou's on this laptop!! what serendipity.

oh right-camera in my fahsaySee! Proof! My hair used to look different. Also, my nose kinda looks like I've just had work done in that photo.
Not quite in an Ashlee Simpson kind of way but still. Weird.
Maybe I need work done to make my nose look like it hasn't had any.

Wow. I think I just hit a self-absorbed saturation point. And for me, that takes some doing. Sorry guys. Over and out.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

bitter street symphony

They must be doing some craziness with the bypass and the tunnel today. There was traffic backed up (who's in town? the pope? ...sorry -that wording ALWAYS makes me think of the Wyclef lyrics) basically all through the blocks between Courtenay and Webb.
A lot of people sitting in queues in their cars and the pedestrians smirking as they strolled past. Risks being taken with orange lights and pausing mid-intersection and the ubiquitous scuttle while texting or chatting.
An alarm was going off somewhere on upper Cuba, near where all the worst of the (de)construction is taking place. The sound was echoing off the walls, ricocheting round in that piercing way. Not a car alarm, maybe a building or some kind of sensor. A voice rang out "oh fuck off!!" from an apartment up above me. The frustration was just so palapable and yet there was still a vibe of everyone tolerating it as part of city life.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

procastinator extraordinaire

A deadline looming for my other other job and I have wasted many precious hours this weekend on YouTube and elsewhere.
I'm trying to think what the ye olde equivilant would have been? ...shadow theatre in front of the roaring fire? sock puppets to pass on treasured folk tales? the community out on the village green to see passing, um, whatchamacallits -MINSTRELS! yeah. Wandering minstrels. With lutes. Or lyres? No... those are the greek things. Must be lute. And one of those floppy hat with a feath--

Focus, Bel, focus! You're here to discuss rambling, not to actual ramble!!

I'm not leet enough to post videos straight into here, so here follows a few links. First up is a beautiful music video for M Ward's new song 'Chinese Translation'. This came to me via a source I have flagged as "inappropriate" as they say. Yet I am proving to be a complete liability when it comes to dealing with that situation. Sometimes you burn a bridge and then you find yourself dipping your toes in the water, just to see how fast the river's flowing I guess.

everyday by Noah Kalina is what I'd call a short film, but obviously an experimental one. It's time-lapse, based on photographs he took of himself daily for six years. Tightly cropped head shots, pretty much free of context, just those eyes staring, while the background flows and ebbs. I think it's just amazing.

I think the first thing I ever watched on YouTube was this crazy spoof movie trailer:10 Things I Hate About Commandments. Joe emailed it through, knowing full well that every film geek bone in my body would love it.

For something also very humourous (but dealing with a serious subject, really) check out this animation: The End of the World. I IM-ed my brother to force him to partake of the hysteria immediately and apparently I'd already made him do this at some earlier stage. How goldfish of me. The whole style/tone of it kinda reminds me of that bit in Bowling for Columbine. But with bonus taking the piss out of Aussies.

That site (AlbinoBlackSheep) also has the Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard (somewhere under 'classics' i believe). I remember finding this absolutely HILARIOUS when Hayley first showed it to me, back in the initial flush of ND fandom, when saying "gosh" was a novelty rather than a reflex action now disassociated with the film!

Ok. Now to go do some work. Otherwise I'll be up all night and exhausted when I go to my real job tomorrow.
Problem is I'm a bit of a night owl and can feel myself getting energised as dusk settles in, all purple and black. But then ever since the chaos that was August my sleeping patterns have been messed up and my body clock has an alarm that goes off faaar too early. Deary me. I wish we did the whole seista thing in this country... that would sort it out.

Either that or implementing effective time management practices to my overcommitted lifestyle.


Please contact: campaignforseista @ tuesdayschild co nz

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

the poison of parachute pants

When being interviewed recently (for a blog no less), actor -and rock star, apparently- Jared Leto reacted to a question about promoting his new album and whether he'd be blogging while touring in a very strong way. I'll quote direct:

JARED: No, I think that blogging should die a sudden death.

G4: Why?

JARED: It's just ridiculous. It's like a playground for four-year-olds. People say and do things in the world of blogs that they would never do in real life, and I think it's a false experience. You know, it's, like, eating too much candy.

First of all, I love the imagery that he has managed to cram into those few sentences. It seems like such a hysterical honest reaction that I'm not questioning in anyway that this is a literal transcript. I am also very tempted to start up a celeb hot goss blog called Too Much Candy. Please start emailling me any paparazzi shots of Jared Leto picking boogers out of his nose you have taken sneakily on your cellphone. Apparently I won't have to worry about the man himself logging on...

G4: So you don't read alot of the celebrity gossip blogs, I take it?

JARED: Well, you know, one of the things along those lines that bothers me about when people start citing blogs as news sources is that when people are writing on these blogs, they feel like they don't feel they need to do any research or back up their opinions with facts or anything, you know what I mean?

G4: Why is there this inherent lack of responsibility when it comes to blogging as journalism?

JARED: I couldn't tell you. Times have changed. It used to be, to be a writer you had to have experience and talent, and learn a craft. Now anybody with an opinion, which is anyone and everyone, feels that it's worthy. Technology is allowing people to have access to things where before it required very great skill. So there will be some interesting developments from that, and also some things that are pretty worthless. Pretty soon anybody with a cell phone is going to be able to be a news reporter. The blog is yesterday's parachute pants. It's here now but it's gone tomorrow.

I considered going on a rant about how you couldn't really moniter standards of research and capability to any greater extent when the world of journalism was limited to print, and that internet access means that people can do background checks of their own if they bother to take two googling seconds.
That this line here "Technology is allowing people to have access to things where before it required very great skill" vexes me on several levels because he seems to be seeing this as such a negative thing and i disagree that 'skill' was the barrier previously.
That he does have a point about the world's obsession with celebrity growing in the last few decades in parallel to technology such as the internet, but the world of entertainment he chooses to work in being dependant on that.
That a complete rejection of that aspect of technology is not really the best way to deal with times that are moving so quickly, sunshine.

But then, blogger that I am, four-year-old in the playground, did a wee bit of research myself. It seems that Jared Leto's comment "The blog is yesterday's parachute pants" (yes, my absolute favourite- GOLD!) would be based on him having a very good understanding of what they look like. He was in attendance for Marc Jacob's show for NY Fashion Week, which according to the Go Fug Yourself girls (there in person reporting for New York Magazine ), which featured strolling down the runway "billowing genie pants" and the designer himself in a pair of "what looked like capris crossed with Hammer pants".

See here for their report on the show (complete with a pic of eyelinered-to-the-max Leto and accounts his pre-show antics)
And here for thumbnails/more of the clothes on the runway (some of the not-pants look gorgeous!! I love the necklines & the asymmeterical ruffles)

I think I'll let La Leto have the final word on this however - here's more from the interview [source]

G4: What does the title [of his band's upcoming album], A Beautiful Lie, refer to?

JARED: That's the contradiction of life, basically, the contradictions of humanity...of what it is to be human.

G4: In terms of?

JARED: Every rose has his thorn.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

entertain me

Sean let me take him to the opera last night. Its a good sign for a budding friendship when you curse at the dimming lights for interrupting your flow of conversation! We had just got stuck into discussing his latest photography project and I was tentatively sharing for the first time my ideas for....well, a kind of art project-thing. And then APPARENTLY it got all important for the show to start.

Ok well this was going to be a much longer, more rambling post, covering how i got to catch some of the Polyfest rehearsals in the afternoon and how I scrambled in to Happy and just caught the "um we've played our whole set but if you really want another song we could play one of them again?!" of my flatmate Simon's gig, but just had a lovely early morning catch up with Cam so no time!

Cam is enthralled by a novel that sounds dreadful. I love hearing his enthusiasm tho. He said "oh yes you'd hate it" and compared it to Franzen's The Corrections which I'll admit is well written but still a total suckfest. I'm currently back in the midst of Girlfriend In A Coma by Douglas Coupland. This book has such a impact on me when i first read it and I'm finding it just as rewarding now. It's so different to his other stuff, nothing of that Bret Easton Ellisish stuff going on - its very much in the world of the characters - and then that world just spins out of control. If you didn't dig where the narrative of The Lovely Bones wound up journeying too, I don't know if I'd recommend it, as this book requires an open mind, or at least appeals to those with a tinge of sci-fi. It's so beautifully written, great imagery. I read a section to Cam the other night and as I said it aloud there was even more richness than I'd noticed the first (second) time round:

"Karen lit a Number 7 cigarette, her bony cheeks inflamed with blood, pink in the Bic lighter's heat, like a doll in a burning doll house"

Just a snippet - I'll add more later when I'm in a less precarious position to be arrving late for work. Am currently still in bed, unwashed and unfed. Quelle horreur!


Ok here it is ...enjoy:

...we rose up again, up the mountain on a bobbing chairlift that stalled halfway up the slope. And it was there that the arc lights also blinked, then skittered, then blackened. In the pitch dark, Karen and I sat bouncing, stuck, suspended above raw nature, our faces blue jeans-blue from the Moon. Karen lit a Number 7 cigarette, her bony cheeks inflamed with blood, burning pink in the Bic lighter's heat, like a doll in a burning doll house. My arm draped over her shoulder; we both felt safe, as if we were a complete solar system unto ourselves, dangling in the sky, warm heated planets inside a universe of stars.

That's from chapter two 'Every idea in the world is wrong'.
Have just finished chapter 10 'One day you will speak with yourself' and am forcing myself to slow down and not plough through it!!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

(short) script to screen

Went along to this event last night, Script To Screen's first foray into Wellington territory. There was bit of talk about how they were really excited to be there and looking forward to similar things next year - but it does rub in how Auckland-centric the NZ film industry is. Of course "they" is essentially one person who's doing a great job with the revitalised organisation, but doing it once off exemplified the possibilities and the demand for such events by/for non-Auckland filmmakers.

ANYWAY. It was a pretty good night, despite technical difficulties, mostly related to the insufficient length of mic cords and to Taika throwing scalding hot green tea in his own lap. Very good turn out in the lovely Katipo cafe (my favourite place to go for hot chocolate, other than Bridgit at the Opera house, obv). Te Radar was the MC for the night and the three panellists were all short filmmakers with varying levels of experience and plans of attack, but who have all (eventually) received NZFC funding and been screened at international festivals.

Zia Mandviwalla is the writer/director of Eating Sausage. This film had its production funded by the SIPF and post by NZFC. I haven't actually seen it, but Zia talked about it being inspired by her own experiences of being an immigrant to New Zealand and specifically by her interaction teaching English as a second language to older Asian women here.
Zia had some interesting stuff to say about getting a full blown film degree as opposed to spending the money on a camera and getting stuck in, which is what she did. She also mentioned a couple of times that a important part of the process for her, as a writer, as interacting with actors. She said that something might read really well on the page but sound terrible coming out their mouths. You have to let them contribute and inhabite your script, for the authencity it will bring to the finished product.

Writer/director of the short films Two Cars, One Night and Tama Tu and up-coming feature, Eagle Vs Shark, Taika Waititi was no stranger to the crowd there. It was great getting to know Taika when I was working at NZFC, he was not one of the asshat directors that i wanted to slam the phone down on and rip up the contracts of. Ahem.
He talked about short films being a great genre for experimenting with and that moving into feature length doesn't mean abandoning the other permanently. An example given was shooting on HD, doing a short film on this at some stage maybe.

Thirdly, Veialu Aila-Unsworth, writer/director of Blue Willow, which screened in the Homegrown section of the NZIFF and went on to be selected for the Berlin Festival. I met Veialu when i helped her fax her forms to confirm attendance to this festival. I remember thinking at the time 'primo! that film was gorgeous'. It was even lovelier to learn that it was a year-long Masters project that she had no lofty ambitions for. Veialu talked a bit about processes and how sometimes about change your mind, do something different, come back round to the original concept - and that can all be part of the process of getting to where you're supposed to be. She gave the example of animating her lead character's face, but Te Radar chipped in with how it applied with his television writing.
I didn't actually know he had a TV show but I don't actually watch TV so shame on my name.

Te Radar asked at one point about who do you show your drafts to and Veialu admitted with a laugh that she shows her mum. She said that maybe because she's not involved in the industry in any way, she can offer great perspective on scripts. Zia said that, yes, her mum too gets a look-in but not on scripts. She uses her "Indian housewife" mother for screenings of rough cuts and finds the feedback really useful. Taika then stated that he'd never show his mum his draft scripts. Apparently she's an English teacher and would just mark them.

Just to wrap up, one of my favourite things was something Zia said. They were talking about instinct and the little voice inside you and getting overloaded with other people chipping in on ideas for your script or whatever. Zia was giving an example of how it can be quite hard when someone says to you 'oh but you have to put this in/change this bit because of this this this,,,' with really bulletproof justification and yet it doesn't feel quite right to you and your guts saying no but how do you use that as a comeback? But Zia was like "Your gut is justification!" and there were all these heads nodding in the crowd, it was classic.

PS i was going to give this some kind of headline working in my other favourite quote of the night ("I peed myself") but just couldn't do it.... Oscar Nominee Green Tea Pee Chaos was as good as got...


Monday, September 18, 2006

On the road

[originally written Sat 16th Sept]

I've skipped town. Tho I'm thinking skipping would have been a preferable mode of transport to the dreaded intercity bus but whatcha gonna do? Right now my biggest issue is that the woman in front of me has just cracked open a bag of cheesels and I'm thinking OMG yes. However I do believe Palmerston North, our illustrious lunch destination, is still several tedious hours away.
Here are some links to keep you entertained, as I wish I could be right now:
PS there is a theme - you'd have to be a tard to miss it. It wasn't actually intentional I guess I'm just obsessed and everything exciting in the world happens there.

Overheard In New York
One of my favourite visit-often websites. They have done some tweaking in the last year, adding little features, but the basic premise remains the same: eavesdroppers in the Big Apple submit little gems for global enjoyment. The 'classics'or 'favourites'is a good place to start and here is one that made me hysterical last week:

Jason Mulgrew - Internet Quasi-Celebrity
I talk about this guy so frequently that I've had people get confused and think he's an actual friend of mine. But nooo I just love his blog. He's a brilliant writer, which doesn't mean to say its high-brow at all -hah!- in fact if you don't want to hear all the grotty details, steer clear. But he's signed with a major US network to write a TV comedy - and this is just based on being a blogger. What a coup. I'm linking specifically to a more serious post; five years on, my mate Jase tells his story of 9/11 (he still manages to get hot French chicks in there. Classic.)

The Sartorialist
A brand new discovery. Can't think how I came across it but its cool seeing what real people are wearing out there on the streets. Altho it is Fashion Week at the moment and half these people he photographs are like fasion editors or socialites so I don't know if either of those qualifiers count but...um...yeah...go look and see style in action!!

reduced to banality
I have been ditched by several people this winter in various ways - Lou chose the 'bugger off overseas" option. I bullied her into starting up a blog before she left and have been rewarded by entertaining, insightful and occasionally banal perspectives on her travels so far. She's just gotten to New York and I am so seething with jealousy my ability to post comment has seized up entirely.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

sunrise to sunset

I've spent all day in bed. I heard the dawn chorus and was moved by their jubilance - not literally tho, not other than rolling over. And then as it got dark, hours later at the end of the day, I heard those same birds squawking again.
Those sounds at dusk always make me think of the big palm tree that used to be outside DJs video store (before it moved, before it then became a Blockbuster, before they then bulldozed the old old building for the carpark for the huge Pak N Save. Anyway.) Once upon a time the town i grew up in had quaint wee independently owned video stores and one in particular had these enormous thick palm trees growing out front, like well over 6m high. The trees were a popular roosting spot for flocks of sparrows and other urban birds. At dusk, the palms would be a frenzy of noisy activity and you'd see them darting in and out of the fronds, flapping their wings, flying in short bursts amongst the leaves. Mum always drew our attention to it as we drove past and described the palm as being like a bird hotel. She'd make it seem as if they were squabbling over who'd get the best room, who had the nicest view, which brother and sister were being forced to bunk up.
I meant to make the most of the last of the light today. Go out and get some air. Instead I just swung my window open, enjoyed the view I have over the whole bowl of Wellington - Mt Cook to Mt Vic and down to the sparkly harbour water - and listened to the birds.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

meals with brothers

Lunch with my little little brother and dinner with my big little brother. Tho of course both are bigger than me these days. And the littler one is bigger than the big one. But I can still bully them both. Neither seemed happy today. Maybe just tired. Sometimes its so hard to tell with family!

Just had the most pointless online chat with Dan. Now that i'm Mac-ing it, I use Adium and so this little bird bobs up and down in the dock to let me know that my friends have important virtual things to say to me. However that conversation felt like it had every second word missing or something. His usual air of barrelling in with sweet smile and crazy behaviour and me bemused but kinda wanting to strangle that flapping little bird distracting me from the work I was doing - and then he winds up with something like "chur thug life gotta gap CATCH U!!"

I guess I'm just feeling out of sorts and am not communicating well - I had a weird moment with Cam last night too. Had just got back from dinner after the preview screening for "Out of the Blue" and started bawling when he asked how the film had been. Then we started talking about the movie as a piece of art and as a story that does (or doesn't) need to be told and the way in which New Zealanders deal with tragedy and I was in a right tizz and just wanted to get stuff off my chest rather than properly talk about the morals of it, speshly as i'm somewhat conflicted as its such a brilliantly made film.